WWE Star The Miz Wants To Be Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat Sequel

Mortal Kombat delivered yesterday on HBO Max and in theaters. While fans have to a great extent been certain about the activity flick, there has been an objection about the shortfall of arrangement backbone Johnny Cage. This has prompted a great deal of fan projecting theory in a possible spin-off and one “Wonderful” proficient grappler has effectively offered his administrations.

Previous WWE Champion and current Miz and Mrs. star The Miz labeled Mortal Kombat maker Ed Boon in a tweet and made his position understood. “No Johnny Cage? I’m the enhancements,” said the current WWE RAW star. “Allow me to do the projecting for you. Say cheddar.” He at that point appended a model of him as Cage, whose character in the computer game arrangement is basically the same as the “Superstar” grappler.

The Miz, whose complete name is Mike Mizanin, is no more odd to acting. He’s featured in four movies in The Marine arrangement for WWE Studios since 2013. He’s additionally made appearances in 2020’s The Main Event, Fighting with My Family and Queens of the Ring. Prior to his designed vocation as an expert grappler, The Miz turned into an unscripted tv star on MTV’s The Real World: Back to New York, The Challenge and WWE Tough Enough. Most as of late, he’s featured in his own unscripted TV drama on the USA Network with his better half and facilitated the game show Cannonball while as yet wrestling.

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Is Hollywood’s Wall of Silence on Scott Rudin Beginning to Crack?

Hollywood Reporter confession on Scott Rudin’s harmful conduct, various industry associations and Rudin himself have started to address the matter, though in obscure and innocuous ways.

On April 17, Rudin declared that he is moving away from “dynamic interest” in his impending Broadway projects, yet he gave no sign of what that really means and which plays will be influenced. After three days, he delivered a subsequent articulation saying he is moving back from film and streaming ventures also.

However, until now, no industry player or join forces with forthcoming Rudin business has stood up, and the vast majority of the business is keeping mum despite on-the-record claims that included actual savagery. Rudin stays a customer at WME, an organization that quickly cut binds with different customers blamed for wrongdoing, including Armie Hammer and Brett Ratner. Yet, a WME source rushed to call attention to that Rudin is a customer in a restricted limit, for TV as it were.

The absence of activity has some conspicuous industryites feeling disappointed and suspicious. On April 12, Walking Dead maker Gale Anne Hurd reached the Producers Guild and asked initiative to stand firm on Rudin. Up until now, the PGA has said nothing, nor has the Academy, which considers Rudin a part. “Scott Rudin’s conduct toward his staff isn’t just a loosely held bit of information, yet one that has been endured for a really long time,” Hurd tells THR. “Given the stunning quiet from the business to these new allegations, it creates the impression that nothing is probably going to change. It’s deplorable that none of the film/TV studios, organizations or associations has come out with an assertion on the side of survivors of his supposed criminally oppressive conduct.”

In THR’s April 7 main story, a few of Rudin’s ex-staff members chronicled his demonstrations of terrorizing, which included tossing things at subordinates in the New York office, for example, a glass bowl, a heated potato, a teacup and a stapler. In any event two staff members ended up in the medical clinic — one from stress, another because of Rudin supposedly crushing a PC screen on a youngster’s hand.

A24 has the most grounded attaches with Rudin, the maker answerable for large numbers of the New York-based merchant’s most buzzy and beneficial movies, among them Lady Bird, Ex Machina and Uncut Gems. Yet, it presently can’t seem to remark on its progressing relationship with him. An A24 source discloses to THR that Rudin is not, at this point engaged with Jennifer Lawrence’s Red, White and Water and Joel Coen’s The Tragedy of Macbeth, featuring Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand. Yet, it is indistinct whether that is on the grounds that the movies as of now are in postproduction. Further muddying the waters, extremely rich person head honcho Barry Diller, a dear companion of Rudin’s, has a stake in A24 and is a sponsor of Scott Rudin Prods., as per sources.

In the event that Rudin is one of the entertainment world’s most impressive makers of the previous 25 years, he is a titan on Broadway. He and Jane Rosenthal were tapped by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to head Broadway’s new Pop Up exhibitions, an association with the New York State Council on the Arts and Empire State Development. Rudin’s name was promoted on public statements for the program as of late as April 19. Rosenthal declined to remark, as did the lead representative’s office. Rudin was relied upon to run the program through Labor Day and was the vital participant in marshaling ability.

Yet, outside of Tony champ Karen Olivo, who reported that she would venture down from her featuring job in Moulin Rouge! — not a Rudin creation — in dissent of the local area’s aloofness toward the Rudin allegations, the key chiefs have avoided the quarrel. A source discloses to THR that Music Man star Sutton Foster promised to stop the impending creation, seen as perhaps the most expected plays that will check Broadway’s re-visitation of business after an overwhelming COVID-19 closure, if Rudin didn’t move to one side. In any case, the play’s Hugh Jackman made no such final offer, another source says.

As far as concerns her, Olivo isn’t holding her breath that genuine change is clearing Broadway and overturning a business as usual “that favors benefits over individuals.”

“This is magnificent information if Rudin is, indeed, pulling back from [Music Man] and cutting off all ties and not turning into a co-maker/quiet financial backer,” Olivo says. “I’d love for us to put the accentuation on fixing damage to the people in question, focusing their experience instead of twist where Rudin helps Broadway out by venturing endlessly.”

On Wednesday, Jackman gave an assertion about the Music Man: “I need to say the amount I regard and acclaim individuals that have shouted out about their experience working with Scott Rudin. It takes a tremendous measure of mental fortitude and solidarity to stand up and express your fact. This has begun a discussion that is long late, on Broadway, and media outlets, yet across all labor force. The main voice we expected to hear from was Scott Rudin, he has now shouted out and pulled back from the Music Man. I seek divine intervention that this is an excursion of recuperating for every one of the people in question and the local area. We are right now modifying the Music Man group and are trying to establish a climate that isn’t just protected, yet guarantees that everybody is seen, heard and esteemed. This is something that is and has consistently been vital to me.”

Meanwhile, a portion of the individuals who endured because of Rudin’s oppressive conduct are standing up. David Graham-Caso posted a passionate video message on Twitter in which he talked straightforwardly to Rudin. The video nitty gritty claimed mishandles that his indistinguishable twin sibling, Kevin Graham-Caso, suffered because of Rudin. Kevin worked for Rudin in 2008 and 2009 and was “scolded and disparaged, tormented and threatened and pestered,” as per his sibling, and built up a serious tension issue thus. Kevin took his own life in October.

Rudin’s explanation that he’s “significantly upset for the agony my conduct caused to people” has not dazzled his enduring sibling. “The torment and enduring Scott Rudin caused will not be mended by his multiplying down on a vacant advertising stunt, critically intended to keep away from genuine results,” David Graham-Caso tells THR. “The ability to really change things, to save future collaborators from a comparable destiny as Kevin’s, rests with individuals who have empowered Rudin’s maltreatment for such a long time. On the off chance that the entertainers, authors and chiefs who have collaborated with Rudin in the past confront this harasser, they have the ability to save lives.”

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Oscar Attendees Will Not Wear Face Masks During Telecast (EXCLUSIVE)

The Academy isn’t requesting that Oscar participants wear face veils while cameras are moving during the live function on April 25.

The news was declared on Monday early daytime during a Zoom meeting with Academy reps and chosen people, and studio and individual marketing specialists. Since the function — being held at Union Station in midtown Los Angeles — is being treated as a TV/film creation, veils are not needed for individuals on camera, an Academy staff member clarified.

Be that as it may, when visitors are not on camera, they are being approached to wear covers. For instance, veils ought to be put on during business breaks.

The Academy likewise uncovered that crowd limit will be restricted to 170 individuals. As Variety initially announced recently, crowd individuals will be turned all through the service. Upon appearance to Union Station, candidates will get a customized agenda that diagrams what times they will be turned in and out.

Oscars co-maker Steven Soderbergh stayed mum on face-veil convention during a question and answer session with co-makers Jesse Collins and Stacey Sher. He said on Saturday that veils would play “a vital part in the story.” “If that is obscure, it’s intended to be,” he added. “That subject is integral to the account.”

The gathering incorporated a point by point stroll through of what participants ought to expect at Union Station. A temperature check will be compulsory. Participants should likewise take in any event three COVID tests in the days paving the way to the service.

A curtailed honorary pathway will incorporate three picture takers and a predetermined number of press outlets doing interviews, including ABC News, KABC and E!. Global outlets will be from Japan, Canada, the U.K., Germany, France, Brazil, Spain, Mexico and Australia. There will be at any rate seven feet among correspondents and interviewees.

Notwithstanding virtual question and answer session style talks with behind the stage, victors will have the chance to do virtual meetings with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest for “Live With Kelly and Ryan” just as Lara Spencer of “Good Morning America.”

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Oscars show reinvented as a movie with masks, longer speeches

The Covid pandemic and a threesome of new makers have prompted a reexamination of the customary show where the world’s most elevated film respects are passed out before a situated theater crowd of in excess of 4,000 A-rundown stars and industry chiefs.

A large part of the April 25 service will rather be held at the Art Deco Union Station in midtown Los Angeles, where a phase is being constructed and where moderators will accomplish more than opening an envelope with the victor’s name.

“It won’t resemble whatever’s been done previously,” chief Steven Soderbergh, who is creating the show with Stacey Sher and Jesse Collins, told a news gathering.

Soderbergh, who coordinated the 2011 film “Disease,” said the pandemic had “opened up a chance to take a stab at something that hasn’t been attempted.”

“We need the show to have a voice,” he added.

Soderbergh said the function would be given like a film, with moderators including Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford and Halle Berry “playing themselves, or possibly a rendition of themselves.”

Talks by Oscar champs were recently restricted to around 45 seconds. This year, Soderbergh said, “we’re giving them space. We’ve urged them to recount a story, and to say something individual.”

The makers said exacting testing and COVID conventions would be set up, quite a bit of them keeping norms grew a year ago to get film and TV creation running once more.

They likewise have counseled widely with disease transmission specialists who worked 10 years prior on “Infection,” which frightfully foreshadowed the staggering impacts of an infection on the world and which saw a knock in rentals and streaming a year ago.

Gotten some information about covers at the function, Soderbergh gave what he called a purposely obscure answer.

“Covers will assume a vital part in the story,” he said. “That theme is exceptionally vital to the story.”

Chosen people incapable to venture out to Los Angeles for the service will actually want to participate through satellite hookups from settings all throughout the planet however there will be no Zoom appearances.

The service will be gone before by an hour and a half pre-show that will incorporate exhibitions of the five unique tune competitors that were recorded ahead of time on the top of the new Academy Museum in Los Angeles, and in Iceland.


The Falcon and Winter Soldier: What Happens to John Walker’s Captain America in the Marvel Comics?

The latest two scenes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Have been momentous for John Walker, Steve Rogers’ administration picked substitution to the Captain America’s mantle. In “The Whole World Is Watching,” Walker dosed himself with super-warrior serum and afterward killed one of the Flag-Smashers in general visibility in an anger filled bid for retribution after Battlestar’s demise. The most recent scene, “Truth,” saw Walker deprived of Captain America title and military position. However, he’s actually persuaded that he is Captain America and Karli Morganthau needs to pay for Lemar Hoskin’s passing. In the post-credits scene, he’s structure another Captain America safeguard to supplant the one taken from him.

The circular segment follows Walker’s story from the funnies very intently, however for certain modifications and clues at a comparative destiny. How can everything occur in the Marvel Comics Universe? For a certain something, it isn’t Battlestar’s demise that sets Walker off in the funnies. Here’s the manner by which Walker’s time as Captain America finished and what came straightaway, however this may ruin a portion of what’s to come in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

In the funnies, Walker got his serum directly from the Power Broker and didn’t begin going about as a hero up to that point. Lemar Hoskins and two a greater amount of Walker’s kindred troopers additionally got the serum. After a short vocation as Super-Patriot, Walker got the call up to become Captain America. Lemar became Battlestar, however the other two super-troopers couldn’t pass a personal investigation. Disenchanted, they smashed the question and answer session what the new Captain America would have been unveiled and uncovered John Walker’s personality, which had been left well enough alone.

Having his character uncovered was horrendous information for Walker, particularly since his first mission as Captain America was to penetrate his old neighborhood and root out a psychological militant gathering called the Watchdogs. In the wake of discovering that Walker was Cap, the Watchdogs accepting his folks as prisoners to coax him out. Walker conflicted with requests to endeavor to safeguard his folks, however when he took his action, the Watchdogs started shooting and executed his mom and father. Walker snapped, killing the whole gathering of Watchdogs, at that point chasing down his old companions that smashed his question and answer session and setting them ablaze.

The public authority could want to conceal Walker’s rough conduct. They would have stripped him of his job notwithstanding Flag-Smasher (the unparalleled Karl Morganthau in the funnies) requesting a gathering with Captain America. The public authority sent Walker, however Flag-Smasher remembered it wasn’t Steve Rogers slash as conversing with and crushed Walker in battle. To save his companion, Battlestar conflicted with Walker’s desires and discovered Steve Rogers and carried him to save him.

From that point onward, Walker had a run in with Hoskins. He discovered that the Red Skull was behind him truly turning out to be Captain America and at last urged Steve Rogers to recover Captain America’s title. Be that as it may, the public authority actually had plans for John Walker. He was unable to be a public image like Captain America, yet he could serve them in different limits.


Walker got another outfit and safeguard (both dispose of by Steve Rogers subsequent to getting back to being Captain America) and another codename, U.S. Specialist. They at that point sent him to be an individual from the West Coast Avengers, filling in as an administration contact, which caused struggle among him and his colleagues, yet he in the end acquired their regard. In any case, the philosophical contrasts among him and the other Marvel saints regularly put him at chances with the more mainstream Avengers. Walker invested energy attempting to vindicate himself and get out of Captain America’s shadow and in the long run fixed things up with Battlestar. He’d later work with groups like the Dark Avengers, the Thunderbolts, and Omega Flight.

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Dwayne Johnson Celebrates Black Adam’s First Day Of Production With Sweet Post

In all honesty, Dwayne Johnson was initially given a role as DC’s Black Adam more than thirteen years prior now, going on fourteen this fall. While The Rock has plainly been occupying his time throughout the years with different ventures like Moana, Jumanji, Fast and Furious or Rampage, the entertainer has been holding up quite a while to get ready as the comic book screw-up. What’s more, presently the opportunity has at long last arrived. Johnson has authoritatively begun recording the forthcoming Black Adam film.

The Rock has been sharing his workout journey leading up to the DCEU role for some time now, recently revealing his insanely ripped legs just a few days ago. Friday night, Dwayne Johnson shared this photo on Instagram to celebrate his first day on set with a sweet message:

Sounds like he’s siphoned to at last assume the part! Dwayne Johnson is in Atlanta, Georgia with his capable cast to rejuvenate the inception story. The 48-year-old depicted commencing shooting as energizing, “lowering” and an “honor.” The Rock likewise featured Black Adam’s chief, Jaume Collet-Serra, who he recently worked with on Jungle Cruise alongside the film’s overseer of photography, Lawrence Sher, who got an Oscar assignment for his cinematography on Joker in 2019.

Beside this great in the background ability, Dwayne Johnson will likewise be joined by a top pick Justice Society of America, which will incorporate Noah Centineo’s Atom Smasher, Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman, Quintessa Swindell’s Cyclone and Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate. Dark Adam will stamp the realistic introduction of the popular DC superhuman group and grow the DCEU universe further after other outfit films like Justice League and Suicide Squad.

The film is somewhat bogged down because of the COVID-19 pandemic and Dwayne Johnson’s different responsibilities. Dark Adam was at first going to hit theaters this December in any case, as the previous WWE grappler and entertainer saw some creation delays on his Netflix film Red Notice alongside different variables, the film has been deferred to summer 2022.

Fortunately Black Adam has just had more opportunity to prepare during the current day and more planning can just rouse a more acknowledged vision. Dwayne Johnson as of late shared a look into his own duplicate of the content, sharing the principal page of the booklet and telling fans that he was all the while making some slight alterations to the content half a month out. Albeit the stand by has been longer than anticipated, we’re much more energized now for a significantly more completely acknowledged film!

Dark Adam’s present date is in direct rivalry with Indiana Jones 5, which will see Harrison Ford back in his acclaimed job. The Lucasfilm film is going into creation soon as the two movies prepare for theaters on July 29, 2022. While we sit tight for Dwayne Johnson’s DCEU debut, look at the full setup of forthcoming DC motion pictures here on CinemaBlend.


NBA star Dwyane Wade made $196 million during his 16-year basketball career, but still sticks to a budget

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade may have raked in a little over $196 million during his 16-season NBA career, but he still meets with his financial planner every quarter.

That’s because Wade’s goal is to maintain the same lifestyle as a retiree that he had as a basketball superstar — which is harder to do now that he is no longer earning around $20 million a year.

“We had to sit down and come up with a plan,” Wade told Men’s Health in 2020. “That plan allows me to understand, ‘Okay, I’ve got a budget. I can’t spend over this [amount], or if I go over I have to make some money somewhere else, I’ve gotta hustle.’”

The 39-year-old first came to appreciate the importance of budgeting after he was drafted with the fifth-overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft. Wade made a deal with himself that he would save at least $1 million of his $2.6 million rookie salary, but things didn’t exactly go according to plan.

“I spent all of it,” Wade says. “I went through it, my family had needs. I regret not having someone early in my career to teach me about all this money.”

If he’d had a financial advisor, he says, he might not have purchased an electric blue Cadillac Escalade with 26-inch spinning rims — a car that Wade says was the worst money he has ever spent.

On the other hand, the best money the 39-year-old has ever spent was on buying new homes for his parents, as well as giving his children a high-quality education.

“I put them in some of the best schools,” he says. “I’ve given them the key to a different kind of knowledge that when I was growing up we just didn’t have.”

Wade is far from the only star athlete to get smart about his finances. Last year’s No. 1 NFL draft pick Joe Burrow and New Orleans Saints star Alvin Kamara have both made public commitments to not touching their contract earnings and living completely off their endorsements instead.

NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard, who in 2019 signed a three-year, $103 million contract with the Los Angeles Clippers, saved money during the early years of his career by driving a 20-year-old Chevy Tahoe that he had since he was a teenager.

It appears that younger athletes are taking the lessons Wade wishes he had learned to heart.


IRS will start sending tax refunds on up to $10,200 in unemployment insurance in May. Here’s who qualifies

Americans who collected unemployment insurance in 2020 and filed their taxes before claiming a new tax break on the benefits can expect to receive an automatic refund in May, the IRS announced this week.

The agency announced last month that eligible individuals would not have to file an amended return on their own to claim the tax waiver on up to $10,200 of the benefits.

The waiver, which is part of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) signed into law by President Joe Biden in March, applies to individuals and couples who earned less than a modified adjusted gross income of $150,000 in 2020.

It increases to up to $20,400 for couples who are married and filing jointly if both spouses collected unemployment benefits.

The IRS plans to refund any tax payments to individuals first, followed by couples who filed jointly. The repayments will come in phases, continuing through the summer. The agency notes that most people will not need to take action on their own to get the refund.

Millions would have owed taxes on unemployment benefits

About 40 million people received an estimated $580 billion in unemployment benefits in 2020, according to a report from the left-leaning Century Foundation. But some states did not offer workers the option to withhold taxes from newly created unemployment programs, such as the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program.

The researchers estimate that taxes were withheld on just 40% of unemployment payments throughout 2020.

That led to tax bills for millions of Americans, as well as calls for the taxes to be eliminated. Now, Americans who qualify for the tax waiver can breath easier.

Those who collected over $10,200 in unemployment income in 2020 will still owe taxes on the amount over that threshold, meaning some could still owe money to the IRS.

Those who haven’t filed yet, or filed after the new law went into effect, should have the tax waiver automatically factored into their returns. Popular tax preparation software from companies like TurboTax and H&R Block has been updated to include the changes for filers.


Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, dies at 99

Prince Philip, the irascible and tough-minded husband of Queen Elizabeth II who spent more than seven decades supporting his wife in a role that both defined and constricted his life, has died, Buckingham Palace said Friday. He was 99.

His life spanned nearly a century of European history, starting with his birth as a member of the Greek royal family and ending as Britain’s longest serving consort during a turbulent reign in which the thousand-year-old monarchy was forced to reinvent itself for the 21st century.

He was known for his occasionally deeply offensive remarks — and for gamely fulfilling more than 20,000 royal engagements to boost British interests at home and abroad. He headed hundreds of charities, founded programs that helped British schoolchildren participate in challenging outdoor adventures, and played a prominent part in raising his four children, including his eldest son, Prince Charles, the heir to the throne.

Philip spent a month in the hospital earlier this year before being released on March 16.

“It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty The Queen has announced the death of her beloved husband, His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh,” the palace said. “His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle.”

Philip saw his sole role as providing support for his wife, who began her reign as Britain retreated from empire and steered the monarchy through decades of declining social deference and U.K. power into a modern world where people demand intimacy from their icons.

In the 1970s, Michael Parker, an old navy friend and former private secretary of the prince, said of him: “He told me the first day he offered me my job, that his job — first, second and last — was never to let her down.”

Speaking outside 10 Downing St., Prime Minister Boris Johnson noted the support Philip provided to the queen, saying he “helped to steer the royal family and the monarchy so that it remains an institution indisputably vital to the balance and happiness of our national life.”

The queen, a very private person not given to extravagant displays of affection, once called him “her rock” in public.

In private, Philip called his wife Lilibet; but he referred to her in conversation with others as “The Queen.”

Condolences poured in Friday from statesmen and royals around the globe — many of whom noted Philip’s wit and personality, as well as his service during World War II and beyond.

U.S. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden said the impact of the prince’s decades of public service was evident in the causes he advocated, while Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted that “Britain has lost a wise elder who was imbued with a unique spirit of public service.”

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said his country “celebrates the European and British destiny of a man who, not without panache, served as the contemporary to a century of ordeals and hopes for our continent.”

British politics was put on pause, with figures from all parties expressing condolences. The government said all official flags would fly at half-staff across all U.K. government buildings.

Over the decades, Philip’s image changed from that of handsome, dashing athlete to arrogant and insensitive curmudgeon. In his later years, the image finally settled into that of droll and philosophical observer of the times, an elderly, craggy-faced man who maintained his military bearing despite ailments.

The popular Netflix series “The Crown” gave Philip a central role, with a slightly racy, swashbuckling image. He never commented on it in public, but the portrayal struck a chord with many Britons, including younger viewers who had only known him as an elderly man.

Philip’s position was a challenging one — there is no official role for the husband of a sovereign queen — and his life was marked by extraordinary contradictions between his public and private duties. He always walked three paces behind his wife in public, in a show of deference to the monarch, but he played a significant role at home. Still, his son Charles, as heir to the throne, had a larger income, as well as access to the high-level government papers Philip was not permitted to see.

Philip often took a wry approach to his unusual place at the royal table.

“Constitutionally, I don’t exist,” said Philip, who in 2009 became the longest-serving consort in British history, surpassing Queen Charlotte, who married King George III in the18th century.

He frequently struggled to find his place — a friction that would later be echoed in his grandson Prince Harry’s decision to give up royal duties.

“There was no precedent,” he said in a rare interview with the BBC to mark his 90th birthday. “If I asked somebody, ‘What do you expect me to do?’ they all looked blank.”

But having given up a promising naval career to become consort when Elizabeth became queen at age 25, Philip was not content to stay on the sidelines and enjoy a life of ease and wealth. He promoted British industry and science, espoused environmental preservation long before it became fashionable, and traveled widely and frequently in support of his many charities.

In those frequent public appearances, Philip developed a reputation for being impatient and demanding and was sometimes blunt to the point of rudeness.

Many Britons appreciated what they saw as his propensity to speak his mind, while others criticized behavior they labeled racist, sexist or out of touch.

In 1995, for example, he asked a Scottish driving instructor, “How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test?” Seven years later in Australia, when visiting Aboriginal people with the queen, he asked: “Do you still throw spears at each other?” On one visit to a military barracks, he asked a sea cadet instructor if she worked in a strip club.

Many believe his propensity to speak his mind meant he provided needed, unvarnished advice to the queen.

“The way that he survived in the British monarchy system was to be his own man, and that was a source of support to the queen,” said royal historian Robert Lacey. “All her life she was surrounded by men who said, ‘yes ma’am,’ and he was one man who always told her how it really was, or at least how he saw it.”

Lacey said at the time of the royal family’s difficult relations with Princess Diana after her marriage to Charles broke down, Philip spoke for the family with authority, showing that he did not automatically defer to the queen.

Philip’s relationship with Diana became complicated as her separation from Charles and their eventual divorce played out in a series of public battles that damaged the monarchy’s standing.

It was widely assumed that he was critical of Diana’s use of broadcast interviews, including one in which she accused Charles of infidelity. But letters between Philip and Diana released after her death showed that the older man was at times supportive of his daughter-in-law.

After Diana’s death in a car crash in Paris in 1997, Philip had to endure allegations by former Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed that he had plotted the princess’s death. Al Fayed’s son, Dodi, also died in the crash.

During a lengthy inquest into their deaths, a senior judge acting as coroner instructed the jury that there was no evidence to support the allegations against Philip, who did not publicly respond to Al Fayed’s charges.

Philip’s final years were clouded by controversy and fissures in the royal family.

His third child, Prince Andrew, was embroiled in scandal over his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, an American financier who died in a New York prison in 2019 while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

U.S. authorities accused Andrew of rebuffing their request to interview him as a witness, and Andrew faced accusations from a woman who said that she had several sexual encounters with the prince at Epstein’s behest. He denied the claim but withdrew from public royal duties amid the scandal.

At the start of 2020, Philip’s grandson Harry and his wife, the American former actress Meghan Markle, announced they were quitting royal duties and moving to North America to escape intense media scrutiny that they found unbearable.

Last month, they gave an explosive interview to Oprah Winfrey, saying that Meghan had suffered neglect and racist attitudes while a working member of the family, though Winfrey later said Harry told her one particularly hurtful remark did not come from either of his grandparents. The palace called the issues raised by the couple “concerning” and said they would be “addressed by the family privately.”

Born June 10, 1921, on the dining room table at his parents’ home on the Greek island of Corfu, Philip was the fifth child and only son of Prince Andrew, younger brother of the king of Greece. His grandfather had come from Denmark during the 1860s to be adopted by Greece as the country’s monarch.

Philip’s mother was Princess Alice of Battenberg, a descendant of German princes. Like his future wife, Elizabeth, Philip was also a great-great-grandchild of Queen Victoria.

When Philip was 18 months old, his parents fled to France. His father, an army commander, had been tried after a devastating military defeat by the Turks. After British intervention, the Greek junta agreed not to sentence Andrew to death if he left the country.

The family was not exactly poor but, Philip said: “We weren’t well off” — and they got by with help from relatives. He later brought only his navy pay to a marriage with one of the world’s richest women.

Philip’s parents drifted apart when he was a child, and Andrew died in Monte Carlo in 1944. Alice founded a religious order that did not succeed and spent her old age at Buckingham Palace. A reclusive figure, often dressed in a nun’s habit, she was little seen by the British public. She died in 1969 and was posthumously honored by Britain and Israel for sheltering a Jewish family in Nazi-occupied Athens during the war.

Philip went to school in Britain and entered Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth as a cadet in 1939. He got his first posting in 1940 but was not allowed near the main war zone because he was a foreign prince of a neutral nation. When the Italian invasion of Greece ended that neutrality, he joined the war, serving on battleships in the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean and the Pacific.

On leave in Britain, he visited his royal cousins, and, by the end of war, it was clear he was courting Princess Elizabeth, eldest child and heir of King George VI. Their engagement was announced July 10, 1947, and they were married on Nov. 20.

After an initial flurry of disapproval that Elizabeth was marrying a foreigner, Philip’s athletic skills, good looks and straight talk lent a distinct glamour to the royal family.

Elizabeth beamed in his presence, and they had a son and daughter while she was still free of the obligations of serving as monarch.

But King George VI died of cancer in 1952 at age 56.

Philip had to give up his naval career, and his subservient status was formally sealed at the coronation, when he knelt before his wife and pledged to become “her liege man of life and limb, and of earthly worship.”

The change in Philip’s life was dramatic.

“Within the house, and whatever we did, it was together,” Philip told biographer Basil Boothroyd of the years before Elizabeth became queen. “People used to come to me and ask me what to do. In 1952, the whole thing changed, very, very considerably.”

Said Boothroyd: “He had a choice between just tagging along, the second handshake in the receiving line, or finding other outlets for his bursting energies.”

So Philip took over management of the royal estates and expanded his travels to all corners of the world, building a role for himself.

From 1956, he was Patron and Chairman of Trustees for the largest youth activity program in Britain, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, a program of practical, cultural and adventurous activities for young people that exists in over 100 countries. Millions of British children have had some contact with the award and its famous camping expeditions.

He painted, collected modern art, was interested in industrial design and planned a garden at Windsor Castle. But, he once said, “the arts world thinks of me as an uncultured, polo-playing clot.”

In time, the famous blond hair thinned and the long, fine-boned face acquired a few lines. He gave up polo but remained trim and vigorous.

To a friend’s suggestion that he ease up a bit, the prince is said to have replied, “Well, what would I do? Sit around and knit?”

But when he turned 90 in 2011, Philip told the BBC he was “winding down” his workload and he reckoned he had “done my bit.”

The next few years saw occasional hospital stays as Philip’s health flagged.

He announced in May 2017 that he planned to step back from royal duties, and he stopped scheduling new commitments — after roughly 22,000 royal engagements since his wife’s coronation. In 2019, he gave up his driver’s license after a serious car crash.

Philip is survived by the queen and their four children — Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward — as well as eight grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.


Cboe Options Exchange to Extend Global Trading Hours for VIX and SPX Options to Nearly 24 Hours-a-Day

  • – Expansion of current GTH session planned for fourth quarter 2021, subject to regulatory review
  • – Will provide global investors ability to trade Cboe’s flagship U.S. index options during local trading day and around the clock
  • – Builds on growing customer demand, combined ADV for SPX and VIX options during current GTH session increased 76 percent in 2020 over the prior year

Cboe Global Markets, Inc. (Cboe: CBOE), a market operator and global trading solutions provider, announced plans to extend the global trading hours session (GTH) for its S&P 500 Index options (SPX) and Cboe Volatility Index (VIX) options to nearly 24 hours each business day on Cboe Options Exchange in the fourth quarter of 2021, subject to regulatory review.

Cboe’s move to offer a nearly 24 hours-a-day, five days-a-week (24×5) trading model aims to provide global market participants with expanded access to trade Cboe’s exclusively listed U.S. index options products based on the S&P 500 Index (SPX), the global benchmark of large-cap U.S. equities, and the Cboe Volatility Index (VIX), recognized as the world’s premier gauge of U.S. equity market volatility. The lengthened global trading hours are designed to help meet growing investor demand for the ability to manage risk more efficiently, react to global macroeconomic events as they are happening and adjust SPX and VIX options positions around the clock.

“The S&P 500 and VIX Indices are widely tracked globally, with Cboe’s SPX and VIX options used by investors both domestically and internationally looking to trade, hedge or gain exposure to the broad U.S. market and global equity volatility,” said Arianne Criqui, Senior Vice President, Head of Derivatives and Global Client Services at Cboe Global Markets. “As financial markets around the world become more interconnected, it is crucial that market participants have the ability to trade products that meet their investing objectives when and how they need, no matter the time of day. Cboe continues to focus on broadening its geographic reach and extending access to its unique product set to investors around the globe to meet this demand.”

Cboe’s expansion of its GTH session is expected to complement its planned entry into the Asia Pacific markets, where it sees opportunity to further broaden its distribution network and offer a wide range of its core product offerings, including its proprietary products and global market data service, to customers in the region. On March 24, Cboe announced its plans to acquire Chi-X Asia Pacific Holdings, Ltd., operator of Chi-X Australia and Chi-X Japan.

SPX and VIX options are currently available in a GTH session that runs from 3:00 a.m. ET to 9:15 a.m. ET. In 2020, the combined average daily volume (ADV) for SPX and VIX options during the current GTH session increased 76 percent over 2019. VIX futures are currently available in nearly 24×5 trading. In 2020, over 15 percent of total VIX futures volume occurred in GTH, up from 13 percent in 2019.

The planned expanded GTH session would commence at 8:15 p.m. ET and run until 9:15 a.m. ET the following morning. Regular trading hours (RTH) then run from the U.S. market open at 9:30 a.m. ET until the market close at 4:15 p.m. ET. The RTH session will also be followed by a new curb session – an extra half hour session for electronic trading beginning at 4:30 p.m. ET– which will be added Monday through Friday in the third quarter of 2021. For each Monday business day, trading in GTH would begin Sunday evening.

The extended GTH session will not impact operations of regular trading hours on the Cboe Options Exchange trading floor in Chicago. For additional information on the extended global trading hours for SPX and VIX options, please click here.

About Cboe Global Markets, Inc.

Cboe Global Markets (Cboe: CBOE) provides cutting-edge trading and investment solutions to market participants around the world. The company is committed to defining markets through product innovation, leading edge technology and seamless trading solutions.

The company offers trading across a diverse range of products in multiple asset classes and geographies, including options, futures, U.S., Canadian and European equities, exchange-traded products (ETPs), global foreign exchange (FX) and volatility products based on the Cboe Volatility Index (VIX Index), recognized as the world’s premier gauge of U.S. equity market volatility.

Cboe’s subsidiaries include the largest options exchange and the third largest stock exchange operator in the U.S. In addition, the company operates one of the largest stock exchanges by value traded in Europe, and owns EuroCCP, a leading pan-European equities clearing house. Cboe also is a leading market globally for ETP listings and trading.

The company is headquartered in Chicago with a network of domestic and global offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia, including main hubs in New York, London, Kansas City and Amsterdam.