Summary of functions and missions of NASA’s “Perseverance” spacecraft with Mars landing in countdown

The Mars rover ” Perseverance “, which NASA successfully launched in July 2020, was launched before 16:00 on February 18, 2021 (19th Japan time ) in eastern US time. We will arrive on Mars before 6 o’clock). Therefore, the journal “IEEE Spectrum”, which specializes in electrical engineering technology, summarized the differences between perseverance and conventional spacecraft and the mission to be carried out on Mars. You Need To Everything Know About NASA’S Perseverance Rover Landing On Mars – IEEE Spectrum Https://Spectrum.Ieee.Org/automaton/aerospace/robotic-exploration/nasa-perseverance-rover-landing-on-mars-overview parser via lance , Mars exploration mission “that NASA has implemented Mars 2020 as part of the” Mars helicopter ” Ingenuity (Ingenuity) ” along with the Mars exploration Rovers, which was launched in July 2020. NASA’s site ” Eyes on the Solar System ” that displays the major celestial bodies of the solar system and space exploration missions in real time

NASA Perseverance landing today: When & how to watch the Mars rover

If you access, you can see that the Mars 2020 rocket equipped with Perseverance is approaching 430,000 km from Mars at the time of writing the article.

IEEE Spectrum explained the perseverance that is about to enter Mars, focusing on the following seven points.


1.Purpose and function

of perseverance NASA said about perseverance, “The ultimate goal of this exploration rover is to investigate a specific point in detail to find traces of life that existed in the past. To achieve this, Perseverance will identify and collect materially valuable rock cores and soil samples for future missions to bring them back to Earth. Perseverance will also take place in the future. It also tests the technology needed for Mars exploration. ” Perseverance

is a camera capable of panoramic and stereoscopic photography, ” Mastcam-Z “, ” SuperCam ” equipped with remote sensing equipment such as a laser and a spectrometer that evaporates rocks, and a sensor specializing in the discovery of organic molecules. “group SHERLOC “, “measurement tools equipped with microscope PIXL ” underground 10m water or ice can be detected by the radar ” RIMFAX “, temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and atmospheric composition dust etc. ” MEDA ” for observing, ” MOXIE ” for testing the technology to generate oxygen from carbon dioxide, ” Sample Caching System ” for long-term storage of collected samplesIt is said that they will make full use of these to investigate Mars and prepare for future missions.


2. Differences between Perseverance and conventional Mars spacecraft

NASA launched the Mars spacecraft ” Curiosity ” in 2011, from the start of the Mars mission in 2012 to the time of article creation. It continues to operate.

Curiosity (left) and Perseverance (right) are similar in terms of overall design and the use of radioactive isotope-based atomic batteries as the power source, but they are significantly more functional and durable. There is a difference.

According to the Caltech IEEE Spectrum, Perseverance is about the same size as Curiosity, but weighs nearly 100 kg. Most of this weight difference comes from the weight difference of the robot arm full of SHERLOC, PIXL, drilling drills, etc. mentioned above. In addition, Perseverance is equipped with a total of 23 cameras, five more than Curiosity, and is the first Mars probe to be equipped with a microphone for capturing the “sound of Mars.”


It also overcomes the problem of “wheel wear” that Curiosity had. Curiosity is equipped with aluminum wheels, but they wear faster than expected, resulting in unexpected holes and dents in the wheels.

On the other hand, the wheels of Perseverance (right) are 1mm thicker than the wheels of Curiosity (left), which improves resistance to wear while maintaining performance. ..

In addition, by strengthening the software, it has acquired higher autonomy than Curiosity, and it is also possible to find a driving route independently and move more efficiently than Curiosity. ..

3. Destination of Perseverance Perseverance

will land on a crater called Jezero on the Syrtis Major Planum on Mars . Jezero has a lake-like terrain as it means “lake” in Slavonic, and there is also a delta . From this, it is speculated that Jezero had liquid water for a long time, and if you are looking for traces of life on Mars, Jezero is considered to be the best choice.

4. Landing method of

perseverance When the descent unit containing the perseverance approaches the surface of Mars, the parachute first opens and decelerates. After that, a power descent is performed in which the landing stage injects propellant to decelerate, and then the “sky crane system” is adopted in which the perseverance is hung by a rope and lands on the ground surface. The aforementioned Curio City also landed on Mars in this way.


5. What is the Mars helicopter “Ingenuity”?

The bottom of the Perseverance is also equipped with a heat shielded ingenuity, which will be deployed after the successful landing of the Perseverance and will carry out five flights in 30 days. Ingenuity’s main purpose is to test flights on Mars, so unlike Perseverance, it is not used for scientific research, but there are various engineering aspects such as achieving autonomous flight for the first time in the atmosphere of Mars. It is expected to accomplish great things.

6. How to see the moment of perseverance landing?

NASA will broadcast live the appearance of Perseverance landing. The distribution will start on the following YouTube page from 14:15 on February 18th, Eastern Time.

7. What will happen when the landing is successful or unsuccessful?

Perseverance is scheduled to land on Mars at around 15:55 EST on February 18 (around 5:55 EST on 19th), but because the Earth and Mars are so far apart, they are far from Earth. It is not possible to know the success or failure of landing and its appearance in real time. Perseverance signals NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at each stage of landing, from which you can see if the landing is successful.

The IEEE Spectrum says, “The most likely sign that something is going wrong is that no signal is being sent, but that negative information is not very well communicated and is simply overlooked. It’s possible that the problem isn’t so big just because it’s done. If something goes wrong, there will be a time lag of minutes, hours, or even days before it becomes known. ” Said.

If Perseverance successfully lands on Mars, Perseverance will send you a photo of Mars, but as mentioned above, it will take minutes to hours for the image to reach Earth from Mars. It is a prospect. Also, the photo immediately after landing will be taken with a Perseverance emergency camera, and the camera is likely to have a protective cover attached, so it’s not like a great sight. And that. IEEE Spectrum said, “The high-resolution photos sent by Curiosity were taken after the rover’s mast was unfolded, so it will be a while before Perseverance sends similar photos. “.

In addition, Perseverance has its own official Twitter account, so if you want to know the latest information, it seems good to follow it.



NASA Perseverance landing today: How to land on Mars [UPDATED with livestream]

It is one of the big day the plucky Mars 2020 rover Perseverance has been waiting for, with NASA preparing a nail-biting descent to the red planet today. If all goes to plan, it’ll be a successful end to a very long journey: Mars is currently 127 million miles away from Earth, with Perseverance blasting off to begin its trip on July 30, 2020.

Perseverance isn’t the first Mars rover, of course, but it’s definitely NASA’s most complex and adept. Its payload of seven scientific instruments and 19 cameras will give scientists unprecedented views both of the Martian surface, and underneath, as the rover attempts to help unlock the secrets of the planet’s origins. However arguably the most exciting part of the mission is designed to detached.

Perseverance will also take a helicopter, named Ingenuity, down to the surface. It’s designed to come away from the rover and then take to the skies, beaming down imagery of the Jezero crater in which NASA intends to land, and helping plan for future missions. If successful, it’ll be the first example of powered flight on another planet that humankind has achieved.

Though Perseverance is designed to run for some time on Mars, its legacy will be even longer-lasting. One of the mission goals is to collect samples from the surface and underneath it, package them up into special containers, and then leave them for a future Mars mission to collect. They’ll then be returned to Earth for analysis, though that’s not expected to take place until some time in the 2030s.

Before that, of course, the rover has to make it down in one piece. If all goes to plan, that’ll begin at around 3:48pm EST (12:48pm PST) today, February 18, 2021. According to the schedule, touchdown should take place at around 3:55pm EST.

How to land on Mars

Though the Martian atmosphere is thin, it will nonetheless provide a majority of the resistance to slow Perseverance down. Within about 80 seconds of entering the Martian atmosphere, temperatures outside the aeroshell are expected to reach 1300° Celsius.

About four minutes after encountering the atmosphere, the vehicle’s parachutes will deploy. Shortly after, the protective aeroshell will fall away, its job done. Then, when the vehicle descends to about 4km above the planet’s surface, it will activate its Terrain Navigation System. Up until this point, Perseverance’s trip will be very similar to that of the Curiosity rover, which underwent a similar “seven minutes of terror” during its successful landing in August 2012.


Two new dynamic sequels of Tom’s “Mission Impossible” give up back-to-back shooting

“Mission Impossible” is one of Hollywood blockbusters currently one of the few to return to work. According to the original plan of the producers, the two films “Mission Impossible 7” and “Mission Impossible 8” will be shot back to back. However, due to the pressure of epidemic prevention and control and the ever-longer shooting span, Paramount finally abandoned its back-to-back plan.

According to media reports, “Mission Impossible 7” has been filmed, but the crew has no plans to shoot “Mission Impossible 8”. Moreover, the film starring Tom Cruise has to devote himself to the publicity work of “Top Rising Clouds 2” , but also lacks skills. Therefore, Paramount stopped the shooting of “Mission Impossible 8”. According to the latest plan, the film will start shooting this summer after the release of “High Aspiration 2”.

“Mission Impossible” is one of the best spy war action movies in the new century. As the most famous movie series under the name of Tom Cruise, this series has always been the most famous for its jaw-dropping action scene designs. Before that, the “Mission Impossible” series liked to find a different director for each to bring a new feeling. However, from the previous results, this strategy was not successful. Therefore, Paramount gave up the idea of ​​finding a new director for each film. The latter two sequels will continue with “Mission Impossible 6” director Christopher McCauley and series star Tom Cruise. Cooperation. In addition, David Ellison of Sky Dance Productions will continue to serve as producer-he is also the producer of the three films “Disc 4” to “Disc 6.”

According to the plan, the two films “Mission Impossible 7 and 8” will be released on November 17, 2021 and November 4, 2022.


Guided version of “Justice League” previews dark-style superhero debut

Zach Schneider’s “Director’s Cut” version of “Justice League” announced the official trailer. In the preview, all the members of the Zhenglian appeared one after another. Especially the last appearance, the clown played by Jared Leto , brought a huge surprise.

The whole trailer is full of Zach Schneider ‘s personal style-MV-style shots and editing, full of textured color tones, and Hollywood blockbuster soundtracks, all of which are familiar. The Justice League is the most powerful superhero team in the DC universe, composed of the greatest heroes in the world. They are the staunch protectors of life in the world, and the earth’s first line of defense against internal, external, interdimensional and supernatural threats. Over the years, this team has many members, the founders are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter. Zhenglian was founded because the heroes knew that if they fight alone, no matter how powerful the individual is, there will eventually be a crisis that they cannot cope with. So they gathered together, worked together to deal with the threats facing the earth, and jointly defend truth, justice and freedom.

Guided version of "Justice League"

In the interview, Director Zha said that the film was crazy and grand. According to previous reports, the new shots in the film will only last about 4 minutes. The other new material comes from the previously edited content. Joe Manganiello stated earlier that a lot of material was left on the floor of the editing room. The implication is that the guide version of “Zhenglian” will re-edit these materials back into the film. Zach Schneider’s version of “Justice League” can be regarded as a public case in the film industry. In 2017, the director of “Justice League” produced a four-hour version, and Warner asked him to cut it to about two hours. After the screening, Zach Schneider’s daughter committed suicide. One and a half months later Zach withdrew from the project, and Joss Whedon took over. A few years later, under the appeal of netizens, actors and movie fans, the edited version of Zach Schneider finally reappeared.

Currently, the film is scheduled to land on the streaming media platform HBO Max on March 18 this year. In addition, Warner also added a theater online program for the film.


New year new adventure! “Little Yellow Man with Big Eyes 2” releases exclusive clip

A few days ago, the new ” Minions” series “Minions with Big Eyes: Prequel to Despicable Me” released an exclusive clip in China ! Chinese New Year coming , in a small yellow people worldwide tilt unprecedented cultural boom , also for the first time in conjunction with Chinese elements , embark on a new adventure ! What kind of hilarious story will usher in this time ? 2021 Nian ” little yellow eyes NPC Meng : before Despicable Me Biography ” is about joy to drive!

Minions with Big Eyes 1

The new clip perfectly fits the current festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival-the red lanterns are high, the dragon dances and fireworks are eye-catching, it can be said that the new year is full, and it also left suspense on how the little yellow guys can do their best in Chinatown. When the minions get brand-new skills, the unprecedented cool scene + the belly-hugging section of cultural collision, will detonate the theater line in the new year.

Minions with Big Eyes 2

In addition to incorporating Chinese culture into the story, “Little Yellow Man with Big Eyes: Prequel to Despicable Me” also introduces a brand-new Minion character and the newly promoted villain “Evil Six Heavenly Kings”. The film returns to Gelug’s teenage years. Together with the “right-hand man” who is the first time cooperating with the little yellow guy, they will fight against the villains and embark on the road to becoming a “super villain”.

Minions with Big Eyes 3

“Minions with Big Eyes: Prequel to Despicable Me” is escorted by the original crew, Pierre Coffin returns to make a voice for the iconic voice of Minions, “Despicable Me with Big Eyes 3” and ” Miss Despicable Me with Big Eyes” Director Kyle Balda directed the tube again. The film will not only present the original minions style to the audience, but will also present unprecedented novel elements, strong and eye-catching texture of the times, and rich brain-opening jokes. It is bound to bring the audience to the new year. Come for a familiar and fresh viewing experience.

With its signature funny style and imaginative visual presentation, the Minion has become one of the world’s hottest cultural icons. The previous series “Despicable Me 3” has earned 1.04 billion box office in China. This time, the Xiaohuangren returned again after four years. The new interpretation of the retro trend and the perfect integration of Chinese elements also made the expectations of Chinese audiences unprecedentedly high. Many Douban netizens said that the “Little Huangren must see” and “Lifetime Series” , I am super looking forward to “Chinese elements praise”, and the number of readings of the film-related Weibo topic has exceeded 100 million times, which can be described as the first hit.

Looking forward to the Chinese New Year, the little yellow guy wishes you hi Pi Niu Ye! “Little Yellow Man with Big Eyes: Despicable Me Prequel” will be released in North America on July 2, 2021.


“Captain Marvel 2” confirms starring Zawe Ashton will play the villain

“Captain Marvel 2” , recently confirmed a starring candidate. According to reports, the British actor Zawe Ashton will join the crew, and she will play the villain in the film, but the exact role she plays is still unknown. Marvel’s work on the confidentiality of films is always in place.

Zawe Ashton

Zawe Ashton was born in 1984 and is active on the stage of drama all year round. With the Acting Society of the University of Manchester, she was nominated for the British Independent Film Awards for the Most Promising Newcomer Award in 2012 for “A Dream of Life”. The most well-known identity of Zawe Ashton in the film industry is Tom Hiddleston ‘s girlfriend. The two fell in love because they played husband and wife in the drama “Betrayal”.

Currently, Disney has determined that Megan MacDonald, the screenwriter of “Wanda Vision”, will write the script of the film, and Brie Larson will continue to play the role of Captain Marvel. Judging from the current situation, “Captain Marvel 2” will shift the story stage from the first part of the 1990s to modern times. Marvel also hopes to find a female producer for the film.

“Captain Marvel” has a global ticket of 1.125.8 billion U.S. dollars, becoming the first female superhero movie in film history with a global box office of over $1 billion. Currently, the sequel is scheduled to be released in North America on November 11, 2022.