Do the practice of isolating yourself in the lockdown, NASA will take you to mars if you can spend 8 months of isolation in Russia

Can you live alone? If yes, NASA will take you to Mars! NASA plans to go back to Russia to put you in isolation for 8 months!

The Moon mission is the main objective right now for Artemis. But, a longer objective for reaching Mars awaits them.

The ongoing Coronavirus lockdown might prove to be helpful for you if you have a plan to go to Mars. This is because NASA is currently looking for people who can thrive in isolation. The Space agency is about to take people and allow them to spend 8 months in isolation in a Russian lab. This entire experiment is a part of NASA’s Artemis program which plans to land the 1st woman and next man on Moon by 2024.

The Moon mission is the main objective right now for Artemis. But, a longer objective for reaching Mars awaits them. This long-distance space-traveling along with its habituation and isolation is not going to be an easy task. This is the reason, why the space agency wants to send people to a special lab in Russia for 8 months.

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NASA Artemis: Going to Mars

The mission will be very difficult because astronauts need to have fit physical and mental conditions. As they will not only be fighting for survival but also perform scientific research on the terrain. In the NASA-Russia experiment, the entire crew of aspiring astronauts will live in isolation in a special lab in Russia. During the entirety of 8 months, astronauts will learn how to live in isolation, maintain mental health, physical well-being, and coordinate teamwork.

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The facility was previously used by Russia for mock Mars missions known as Mars500. Space crews had to spend 500 and 105 days respectively for two separate Russian missions. However, throughout the experiment, they will be working on scientific research. Astronauts will also conduct several tests which they might need to conduct in the future in the lunar surface.

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