“Godzilla vs. King Kong” breaks billions on the first day

“Godzilla vs. King Kong” breaks billions on the first day

The monster disaster giant “Godzilla vs. King Kong” is currently in theaters. On the first day of its release, the box office of the film exceeded 100 million yuan, becoming the highest-grossing imported film on the first day since the resumption of work. The strongest points of Monster Universe are also coming. Douban points 7.4, Maoyan points 9.1, and Taopin ticket points 9.0. In the premiere word-of-mouth special released today, the audience responded enthusiastically, and celebrities also came to support the film. Everyone praised it as “the most decompressed blockbuster of the year”, “the big screen is doubled”, “the details are awesome, and it is Poke it!” As the strongest movie in the Monster Universe series, the film not only started a brilliant battle on the big screen, but the theme exhibition of Beijing apm shopping center under the big screen also attracted many audiences to check in, which was extremely popular. This weekend, Big Monster will accompany you happily online and offline.

Ranshuang blockbuster hits the audience and praises the table to help word-of-mouth soar

With the release of “Godzilla vs. King Kong”, more and more audiences watched this century showdown in the monster world. After watching the movie, many viewers did not hesitate to praise their words, and recommended them on major social platforms, “I feel refreshed after watching a day of work”, “It must be watched on the big screen”, “With this movie, this weekend will be perfect.” This made more viewers look forward to the film more and decided to buy tickets to watch this year’s most burning monster battle. In the premiere word-of-mouth special released today, the grand occasions of the premiere were shown one by one. The audience was enthusiastic about the two monsters, Godzilla and King Kong, and took pictures together and called for their favorite teams! After watching the movie, both celebrities and amateurs expressed their love for the movie with excitement. Most viewers use the word “cool” to summarize their true feelings after watching the movie, which also confirms that the top special effects and grand scenes of the movie really bring the ultimate coolness to the audience! In addition, everyone also expressed their love for the film most intuitively through words such as “awe-inspiring”, “audiovisual feast”, “blood surging”, “invincible decompression”, and “particularly shocking”. The celebrities who came to help out also praised the film and expressed their support. The actor Li Chun directly stood in the team of King Kong, “I like King Kong because it is a silly.” The male god Liu Haikuan was attracted by Godzilla’s cool skills and became a member of the Godzilla team. In contrast, more female audiences choose to stand for King Kong and regard it as a model of their ideal boyfriend. This also shows that “Godzilla vs. King Kong” is not only the favorite of male audiences, but also the favorite monster blockbuster for female audiences. Actor Ji Li, who has appeared in “Pacific Rim 2: Rising Thunder” , strongly recommends “You can only experience the shock of this movie when you watch it in a movie theater.” “I’m a Super Voice” voice actor Chen Yelin also said, “This This movie is very worthy of my previous expectations.” The enthusiasm of celebrities and ordinary audiences for the film is unabated, and the praise continues. This will surely set off a movie-watching frenzy that will blow up the circle of friends. At present, Godzilla and King Kong are fighting fiercely on the big screen, and you can watch the strongest battle in the monster world by purchasing tickets quickly!

The details are full of fans, and the monster exhibition attracts everyone to check in

“Godzilla vs. King Kong” not only maintains a first-class level in special effects production, but its wonderful story core and emotional branches also surprised many viewers. Some viewers said that “I thought it was an ordinary special effects blockbuster, but I didn’t expect the content of the story to be very attractive to me.” “Many details are well done and unexpected.” And these details that impress the audience can be seen everywhere in the whole movie. For example, King Kong’s rich facial expressions, those piercing big eyes are full of trust in Giya, anger towards Godzilla, and desire for homeland. . This kind of King Kong captured many female audiences and showed their love, “Its eyes can speak, and it is very happy to be guarded by it.” At the same time, many details of Godzilla also make monster fans crazy. The mucus in the mouth when Godzilla roars and the breath squirting out of his nostrils when he is angry, let the audience intuitively feel the charm of the big monster! Yesterday, the “Godzilla vs. King Kong Movie Themed Special Exhibition” held in Beijing apm shopping mall opened grandly. Actor Gao Xiaopan and his son came to watch the exhibition. Many fans came here to check in. The scene was very lively. This exhibition is divided into multiple exhibition areas, and the monsters are displayed in the Q version of the image, which can be called the monster world of exciting and miniature version. Movie fans here can not only take photos with the cute monsters at close range, but also get an in-depth understanding of the front and back of the monster movie production. Some audience members expressed excitement, “After watching the movie, come to this exhibition, you will have a deeper experience”, “The monsters here are completely different from the ones on the big screen, they are more lovely.”

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