Guided version of “Justice League” previews dark-style superhero debut

Guided version of “Justice League” previews dark-style superhero debut

Zach Schneider’s “Director’s Cut” version of “Justice League” announced the official trailer. In the preview, all the members of the Zhenglian appeared one after another. Especially the last appearance, the clown played by Jared Leto , brought a huge surprise.

The whole trailer is full of Zach Schneider ‘s personal style-MV-style shots and editing, full of textured color tones, and Hollywood blockbuster soundtracks, all of which are familiar. The Justice League is the most powerful superhero team in the DC universe, composed of the greatest heroes in the world. They are the staunch protectors of life in the world, and the earth’s first line of defense against internal, external, interdimensional and supernatural threats. Over the years, this team has many members, the founders are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter. Zhenglian was founded because the heroes knew that if they fight alone, no matter how powerful the individual is, there will eventually be a crisis that they cannot cope with. So they gathered together, worked together to deal with the threats facing the earth, and jointly defend truth, justice and freedom.

Guided version of "Justice League"

In the interview, Director Zha said that the film was crazy and grand. According to previous reports, the new shots in the film will only last about 4 minutes. The other new material comes from the previously edited content. Joe Manganiello stated earlier that a lot of material was left on the floor of the editing room. The implication is that the guide version of “Zhenglian” will re-edit these materials back into the film. Zach Schneider’s version of “Justice League” can be regarded as a public case in the film industry. In 2017, the director of “Justice League” produced a four-hour version, and Warner asked him to cut it to about two hours. After the screening, Zach Schneider’s daughter committed suicide. One and a half months later Zach withdrew from the project, and Joss Whedon took over. A few years later, under the appeal of netizens, actors and movie fans, the edited version of Zach Schneider finally reappeared.

Currently, the film is scheduled to land on the streaming media platform HBO Max on March 18 this year. In addition, Warner also added a theater online program for the film.

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