New version of “The Flash” adds starring Sarah Karri to play Superwoman

New version of “The Flash” adds starring Sarah Karri to play Superwoman

The DC film “The Flash” exposed a new casting message, Hollywood new actor Sarah Calle will play the role of Superwoman in the film. For this actress who is active in the field of TV dramas and stage plays, acting as a superhero can be regarded as a smooth step into the mainstream Hollywood screen.

The super blockbuster “The Flash” is the most watched movie currently being produced by DC. This film is adapted from the 2011 “Flash” comics. In the comics, the Flash uses his own speed to open up a parallel universe. Therefore, many characters in DC comics, including Batman and others, will appear in the film. This film is directed by the horror film director Andres Muschietti , but he did not intend to make it into A horror movie, but preparing to shoot a mainstream Hollywood blockbuster.

"The Flash" (2022) Trailer Poster
“The Flash” (2022) Trailer Poster

The Flash is a key character in DC comics and one of the world-famous superheroes. Except for a five-year break in the low-escape period of superhero comics in the early 1950s, comics about The Flash have never stopped publishing. In the history of DC comics, except for the three giants-Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, The superhero who has published the longest comics.

Every Flash possesses a power called “speed force”, and they are all called “speeder”. Extremes can move at high speeds, their speeds can surpass the speed of light, reverse time and space, and can penetrate objects and even cross the barriers between parallel universes. Under the protection of super speed force, the speed people can ignore all the laws of physics when they move at high speed.

The film is currently tentatively scheduled to hit the North American big screen on November 4, 2022.

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