New year new adventure! “Little Yellow Man with Big Eyes 2” releases exclusive clip

New year new adventure! “Little Yellow Man with Big Eyes 2” releases exclusive clip

A few days ago, the new ” Minions” series “Minions with Big Eyes: Prequel to Despicable Me” released an exclusive clip in China ! Chinese New Year coming , in a small yellow people worldwide tilt unprecedented cultural boom , also for the first time in conjunction with Chinese elements , embark on a new adventure ! What kind of hilarious story will usher in this time ? 2021 Nian ” little yellow eyes NPC Meng : before Despicable Me Biography ” is about joy to drive!

Minions with Big Eyes 1

The new clip perfectly fits the current festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival-the red lanterns are high, the dragon dances and fireworks are eye-catching, it can be said that the new year is full, and it also left suspense on how the little yellow guys can do their best in Chinatown. When the minions get brand-new skills, the unprecedented cool scene + the belly-hugging section of cultural collision, will detonate the theater line in the new year.

Minions with Big Eyes 2

In addition to incorporating Chinese culture into the story, “Little Yellow Man with Big Eyes: Prequel to Despicable Me” also introduces a brand-new Minion character and the newly promoted villain “Evil Six Heavenly Kings”. The film returns to Gelug’s teenage years. Together with the “right-hand man” who is the first time cooperating with the little yellow guy, they will fight against the villains and embark on the road to becoming a “super villain”.

Minions with Big Eyes 3

“Minions with Big Eyes: Prequel to Despicable Me” is escorted by the original crew, Pierre Coffin returns to make a voice for the iconic voice of Minions, “Despicable Me with Big Eyes 3” and ” Miss Despicable Me with Big Eyes” Director Kyle Balda directed the tube again. The film will not only present the original minions style to the audience, but will also present unprecedented novel elements, strong and eye-catching texture of the times, and rich brain-opening jokes. It is bound to bring the audience to the new year. Come for a familiar and fresh viewing experience.

With its signature funny style and imaginative visual presentation, the Minion has become one of the world’s hottest cultural icons. The previous series “Despicable Me 3” has earned 1.04 billion box office in China. This time, the Xiaohuangren returned again after four years. The new interpretation of the retro trend and the perfect integration of Chinese elements also made the expectations of Chinese audiences unprecedentedly high. Many Douban netizens said that the “Little Huangren must see” and “Lifetime Series” , I am super looking forward to “Chinese elements praise”, and the number of readings of the film-related Weibo topic has exceeded 100 million times, which can be described as the first hit.

Looking forward to the Chinese New Year, the little yellow guy wishes you hi Pi Niu Ye! “Little Yellow Man with Big Eyes: Despicable Me Prequel” will be released in North America on July 2, 2021.

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