“School of Good and Evil” expands lineup Charlize Theron as the villain

“School of Good and Evil” expands lineup Charlize Theron as the villain

the film “School of Good and Evil” directed by director Paul Feige funded by Netflix, announced the new casting news a few days ago. Actresses Charlize Theron and Kelly Washington both joined the crew and became the main actors of the film.

According to reports, Charlize Theron will play Ms. Lesotho in the film, who is a villain; and Kelly Washington’s role, named Professor Dovey, is a positive role. “School of Good and Evil” is a set of youth novels written by Soman Chainani. The story of the novel takes place in a strange school, where students are selected and trained to be two very different people-angels and demons. The beautiful Sophie hopes to become a princess in the school of kindness, but her best friend Agatha is determined to become a witch in the school of demon. When they came to school full of dreams, they found that both of them had no wish. Not only is it unsatisfactory here, but the strange things at school will test their friendship. Until the end, during this journey, they found out who they were and finally accepted themselves.

"School of Good and Evil" expands lineup Charlize Theron as the villain
“School of Good and Evil” poster

David McGee , who wrote the scripts of “Life of Pi” and “Finding Neverland” , and the screenwriter of “Office Party” Laura Sauron will write the script. Judging from this combination of scriptwriters, Netflix intends to make this film into a film with fantasy and comedy colors.

Director Paul Feige has been known for shooting comedies for many years, and his latest film “A Simple Favor” is a film in which he changed his style. Moreover, he showed his ability to control the subject of female growth in this energetic comedy thriller. There is no doubt that for “School of Good and Evil”, Paul Feige is a very qualified director.

Currently, there are no filming arrangements for the film.

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