Super British movie “Shazam 2” appointed actor “West Side Story” heroine starred

Super British movie “Shazam 2” appointed actor “West Side Story” heroine starred

A few days ago, “Thunder Shazan 2” confirmed a new crew member, “West Side Story” actress Rachel Ziegler joined the crew and will play a key role in the film. The specific information of the role has not yet been revealed.

” Thunder Shazan! “It ‘s a film that DC transforms the dark style, and it has received good results. The film is adapted from the DC comic of the same name. He also had a previous name called Captain Magic. The protagonist’s real name was Lian Joseph’Billy’ Batson. He grew up in an orphanage and was later adopted. He is a man with a strong sense of justice. The ordinary students of, the most unfamiliar with bullying people, so they were selected by the mysterious wizard Shazam to be the defender of human morality, and were given the power of Shazam who uses magic. Every time Billy called out the wizard “Shazam!” In the name, he will be struck by a magical lightning, instantly transforming from a child into an adult superhero Shazan, guarding the world. Black Adam is Shazam’s biggest opponent. He is the first moral defender chosen by wizards, trying to get rid of all wizards and become the only person in the world who can use magic.

In the sequel, Zachary Levi will continue to play Shazan, and Swedish director David F. Sandberg will continue to direct the film. It is worth mentioning that, as an important part of the Shazam universe, the story of “Black Adam” is also being filmed. Earlier news said that the single-line film of “Black Adam” will become the beginning of DC’s new style. How DC and Warner will deal with the role of Black Adam is still unknown. After all, this role has a strong duality. In terms of settings, Black Adam and Shazam are very similar. After all, he has the power bestowed by the gods. It’s just that his power comes from the Egyptian gods. There is not much difference in performance from Shazam. Although Black Adam is a super villain, to some extent, he is not a real villain. Even if DC completely whitewashed Black Adam, it would be excusable.

According to the plan, ” Thunder Shazam 2 ” will be released on November 4, 2022.

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