Two new dynamic sequels of Tom’s “Mission Impossible” give up back-to-back shooting

Two new dynamic sequels of Tom’s “Mission Impossible” give up back-to-back shooting

“Mission Impossible” is one of Hollywood blockbusters currently one of the few to return to work. According to the original plan of the producers, the two films “Mission Impossible 7” and “Mission Impossible 8” will be shot back to back. However, due to the pressure of epidemic prevention and control and the ever-longer shooting span, Paramount finally abandoned its back-to-back plan.

According to media reports, “Mission Impossible 7” has been filmed, but the crew has no plans to shoot “Mission Impossible 8”. Moreover, the film starring Tom Cruise has to devote himself to the publicity work of “Top Rising Clouds 2” , but also lacks skills. Therefore, Paramount stopped the shooting of “Mission Impossible 8”. According to the latest plan, the film will start shooting this summer after the release of “High Aspiration 2”.

“Mission Impossible” is one of the best spy war action movies in the new century. As the most famous movie series under the name of Tom Cruise, this series has always been the most famous for its jaw-dropping action scene designs. Before that, the “Mission Impossible” series liked to find a different director for each to bring a new feeling. However, from the previous results, this strategy was not successful. Therefore, Paramount gave up the idea of ​​finding a new director for each film. The latter two sequels will continue with “Mission Impossible 6” director Christopher McCauley and series star Tom Cruise. Cooperation. In addition, David Ellison of Sky Dance Productions will continue to serve as producer-he is also the producer of the three films “Disc 4” to “Disc 6.”

According to the plan, the two films “Mission Impossible 7 and 8” will be released on November 17, 2021 and November 4, 2022.

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