Zhadao “Justice League” reveals important props “Mother Box”

Zhadao “Justice League” reveals important props “Mother Box”

A few days ago, Zach Schneider re-edited the “Justice League” exposed a whole new segment. In the clip, an important prop named “Mother Box” appeared. In the mother box, several key members of the Justice League appeared one by one-Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman were among them.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to positive characters, negative characters and props also appeared in the mother box. The gun that killed Batman’s parents, the steel-boned hat, Wonder Woman’s enemy Doctor Poison during World War I, and even Sea King’s home on the seabed, all flashed one by one. The emergence of a new box of props mother, Jack – Kirby created the equipment in the DC Universe fourth of the world.

The mother box can trace the source of energy, change the gravitational constant of a region, transfer energy from one place to another, perceive danger, life, create force fields, rearrange the molecular structure of matter, attract or project powerful shock bursts , Create an electronic network, control the subject of mental state, communicate with other life forms through the subject, take over and control unconscious and conscious machines, and maintain the subject’s life form in harsh environments.

The whole clip is full of Schneider’s style, slow motion, black and white and single color color matching, as well as Tom Witz’s songs, all make people full of imagination for the positive film. And this short fragment was named “Mother Box Origin”. The Justice League is the most powerful superhero team in the DC universe, composed of the greatest heroes in the world. They are the staunch protectors of life in the world, and the Earth’s first line of defense against internal, external, interdimensional and supernatural threats. Over the years, this team has many members, the founders are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter.

Currently, the film is scheduled to land on the streaming media platform HBO Max on March 18, 2021. In addition, Warner also added a theater online program for the film.

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