Myths about fitness and nutrition: how not to hurt yourself

Myths about fitness and nutrition: how not to hurt yourself

We have collected common misconceptions in the fitness world, believing in which you risk harming not only your figure, but your health in general.

Why does the weight on the scale increase after a workout?

The number on your scale is only a measure of your total body weight. By exercising actively, you will gain muscle mass and get rid of excess fat. In this case, you can even weigh more than before training, but look and feel much better.

After some time after regular exercise, you can put on a little weight. This is explained simply – the muscles become denser, their mass increases.

It may be different – there will be no significant changes in weight, but the amount of muscle will increase, and fat will decrease.

To track changes, measure volumes with a centimeter tape. Also, special scales will help to compare the results, which show the percentage of adipose and muscle tissue in the body.

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Pumping only one muscle group is the norm

Sometimes people come to a fitness club with a specific task – to pump up a certain muscle group. They choose a couple of exercises for this and do them for several weeks in a row.

Such a system, most likely, will slow down any changes at all, there will be no progress. The body adapts to the same type of load and will spend less energy on repetitive exercises. In order not to stop in development, it is necessary to periodically change exercises and training methods.

In addition, by constantly engaging one muscle group and not paying attention to others, you risk creating muscle imbalance. This will lead to limited joint mobility.

The body needs the harmonious development of all muscle groups. Even if you focus on some muscles, do not forget about the rest.

Cardio is the best way to lose weight

There is an opinion that strength training is suitable for gaining muscle mass, and for weight loss – only cardio.

Cardio exercises have a good effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. However, if you want to burn as many calories as possible, choose interval training.

The format of such a lesson involves the alternation of power and cardio loads. This method, combined with a sensible approach to nutrition, will help you lose weight.

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Daily workouts are beneficial

A productive and healthy training regimen is one that allows you to recover. Muscles need rest.

Doing sports every day:

  • Increased risk of injury;
  • Pain appears;
  • Changes in hormone levels;
  • There is constant fatigue;
  • Mood swings occur.

Nothing hurts – poorly trained

Muscle pain is not at all an indicator of the effectiveness of classes. If a person first came to training, most likely, the muscles will hurt a little. After long intervals between classes, similar sensations are also possible.

But with regular physical activity, pain is a clear sign that the muscles are overloaded.

The absence of pain is an indicator that the workout was effective and beneficial for you.

Water with lemon juice in the morning is good for you

Recommendations for drinking water with lemon juice in the morning are very questionable, given the possible negative consequences.

Prevents aging

There is a version that this drink, being an antioxidant, prevents the aging of the body. In fact, a normal and regular diet is useful, the consumption of a sufficient amount of fiber, which is not in the juice.

Strengthens immunity

The opinion about the high content of vitamin C in lemon is also erroneous. We are not talking about strengthening immunity here either. The body’s defenses can be activated through the use of healthy foods, physical activity and hardening.

Maintains normal pH

Water with lemon cannot shift a person’s pH . The average value of this indicator is 6.0, but it can vary. A change in this value may indicate serious disorders in the body that require treatment.


The miraculous power of water with lemon juice is greatly exaggerated. Acid in the morning on an empty stomach is not the safest way to strengthen the immune system, especially for tooth enamel and the gastrointestinal tract. In nutrition, as in everything in general, one should be guided by a sense of proportion.

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It takes 21 days to form a habit

It is simply impossible to instill in yourself the habit of exercising regularly and eating right in 21 days.

These kinds of complex habits, which require lifestyle changes and adjustments, will take much longer to form. In order for something to become a habit, it is not enough just to wait 21 days. But it’s not worth hoping that cardinal changes will occur during this period of time, even if you are actively acting.

You should be patient and motivated to gradually change the quality of life. You need to learn to enjoy the delayed result. Fast is slow and gradual.

Why do we sometimes start and quit?

A small success leads to euphoria, and a small failure is perceived as a life apocalypse. That is why trainings are so popular, promising people to get rich literally after they pass. The same goal is pursued by marathons – to lose 10 kg in a month. In fact, it is unrealistic to become a healthy person in 21 days of a marathon. A quick result is very attractive, but impossible.

What helps form a habit:

  • Motivation – why am I doing this;
  • Discipline – doing something regularly;
  • Reinforcement and consolidation of the mechanism – a reward for efforts and successes;
  • Time – for complex skills it will take much more than 21 days.

Yogis don’t eat meat

It is generally accepted that yogis must be vegetarians. In fact, eating only vegetables and fruits or being a meat eater is a choice that remains for everyone. Both the first and the second have a lot of arguments in favor of their approach to food.

However, it is undeniable that the basis of any principle of nutrition is not to harm yourself. Not having received the required amount of trace elements found in meat, a person will be forced to extract them from other sources. A meat eater who suffers from any gastrointestinal disease will have to limit the use of this product on the advice of a doctor.

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You need to drink 2 liters of water a day

Excess fluid intake will eventually lead to edema. The body will not have time to remove excess water. Also, a diuretic effect is not excluded, due to which magnesium, sodium, and potassium can be washed out. The result will be a lack of these elements. Likely seizures.

Drink water should be guided by a feeling of thirst. At the same time, the minimum required for an adult average healthy person is 500 ml.

You can not eat after 18.00

Supporters of fast weight loss are not advised to have dinner after 18.00. This may be reasonable if you go to bed around 20.00.

The fact is that the last meal should be about 2 hours before bedtime. If you stay up late without eating, you will be hungry for quite a long time. Hunger is not the safest way to lose weight. The body, on the contrary, will make up for the loss of energy the very next day.

Don’t drink while exercising

Another misconception that can significantly harm your condition and bring the body to dehydration. During active physical activity, we sweat, that is, we lose fluid. And it needs to be replenished, especially if you experience a feeling of thirst or dry mouth. For high-intensity workouts, you need to drink plain water little by little, in small sips every 15-20 minutes.

I sweat means I lose weight

With sweat comes out liquid, but not fat. Immediately after training, the scales can be minus 100-200 ml. And this is water. It gets hot while driving. When you sweat, your body cools down. But this has nothing to do with the process of losing weight.

In the meantime, you are trying to understand all the existing opinions and get rid of misconceptions, remember one simple rule: listen to your body and inner feelings, monitor your well-being.

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