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Hydroxychloroquine may actually help to cure Coronavirus

A Yale University epidemiologist recently started testing the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine which proved to very good treatment for Coronavirus patients in the early stages....

Why are you afraid of vaccines? FDA says they are very safe and will...

Vaccines are one of the most remarkable achievements in the field of modern medicine. A new study by researchers from Tel Aviv University and...

Brazil will help cure the world, Astra Zeneca trying to find Coronavirus vaccine

The Coronavirus pandemic is going on like wildfire all around the world and companies like Astra Zeneca are focussed on the trial vaccine for...
solar energy

Coronavirus lockdown helps save electricity as solar energy output increases due to clear air

Coronavirus lockdown has led to a lot of increase in solar power output which is very important for the industry of solar energy. This...

Bats never die from Coronavirus or MERS! How is this possible?

New interesting research added insights into why bats are flying laboratories which can actually help people advance in the field of medical science. Scientists...

Israel makes artificial cells to study COVID-19 and other viruses! Is it actually useful?

A group of Israeli researchers may have found a way to study the structure of Coronavirus using the new technology of artificial cells. The...

A strong immune system will help you fight coronavirus! Change your lifestyle now

Coronavirus pandemic is ravaging countries globally according to WHO and people need to change their lifestyle in order to keep a strong immune system....

Are we finally going to be cured? Moderna plans successfully launch of Coronavirus vaccine

Oxford researchers are currently working with Moderna and Astra Zeneca to find a vaccine for the Coronavirus pandemic. The trial, which started in April,...

Synairgen finds out new Protein Treatment! Will it finally save humans from Coronavirus

Synairgen is currently claiming to come out with its new respiratory coronavirus treatment and help reduce the number of COVID-19 patients who need intensive...
Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing is not at all useful for checking the spread of the virus

The conventional contact tracing will only be successful at containing the coronavirus outbreaks if people get the results within 24 hours of developing the...