Rome Marathon 2022: TV Coverage, Route, Start Time, Schedule

Rome Marathon 2022: TV Coverage, Route, Start Time, Schedule

The 2022 Rome Marathon will take place in Italy on Sunday, March 27. The 27th edition of the marathon will begin at 8:30 a.m. local / 2:30 a.m. ET. Here in this article, you are going to know the time, route, and how to watch.


The Rome Marathon is a prestigious and popular event, one of the most scenic marathon courses in the world, and now also available to watch as a live stream, bringing a wider global audience to this fabulous city.

When it comes to top marathon locations, there can be few global locations more scenic and positively swimming in historical monuments to run through than Rome. If it’s true that the surrounding scenery can help take your mind off your aching limbs then that seems a huge positive to me!

According to the race official website, more than 10,000 participants have signed up for the event, which is huge, considering that the last edition was staged about six months ago, last September.

All participants will receive a free souvenir T-shirt in technical running fabric, which will be signed by the technical partner Joma.

When and Where is the 2022 Rome Marathon?

The marathon takes place on Sunday 27th March. The race gets underway at 8.30 local time and has a time limit of 7 hours.

Marathon Route 2022:

The route is a circuitous one, both starting and finishing at the Colosseum and passing (among many others!) the following major landmarks:

  • Piazza Navona
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Spanish Steps
  • Piazza Venezia
  • Theatre of Marcellus
  • Circus Maximus

There is an excellent route map, including gradient altimeter measurements for the entire course on the official site, something surprisingly few marathon sites offers.

How to Watch the Rome Marathon in 2022?

Rai Sports 1 will broadcast the live TV coverage of the Rome Marathon. Coverage starts at 8.30 am and is also available online, although this may be restricted to viewers in Italy. In previous Italian TV channels, LA7 had secured broadcast rights.

MediaSet Play Clanal 20 will live stream the Rome Marathon online International. But you might need to use a VPN or sign up for an account if you trying to watch the online broadcast outside of Italy on Sunday.

TV & Live Streaming

There is a decent amount of coverage of the marathon in Rome worldwide. In previous Italian TV channel LA7 had secured the broadcast rights, but this year it seems the coverage will be from Rai Sports 1, with coverage starting at 8.30am and also available online, although this may be restricted to viewers in Italy:

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