European Rowing Championships 2021 Live Streams: The World Rowing Championships from Anywhere

European Rowing Championships 2021 Live Streams: The World Rowing Championships from Anywhere

The 2021 European Rowing Championships will be held from 9 to 11 April 2021 in Varese, Italy. We’re satisfied to be organizing this occasion and circulating it over the Eurovision Global Network. Prepare sure you’re. Book your administrations now. Watch European Rowing Championships 2021 Live.

In excess of 55,000 individuals from 520 clubs in Britain currently line at any rate once every week and there are around 300 paddling occasions a year across Britain. You don’t should be an Olympic-standard competitor to get out and appreciate the United Kingdom’s streams.

The 14 passages For men’s pair class is just about a duplicate of the 2020 European Rowing Championships. Every one of the three decoration champs are back to test each other once more. The Romanian team of Marius-Vasile Cozmiuc and Ciprian Tudosa astonished the world when the beat the reigning champs Martin and Valent Sinkovic of Croatia at the 2020 occasion. Would they be able to do it once more?

European Rowing Championships 2021 Viewing Information

Date: April 9/10/11
Time: 09:20 – 15:00 BST
TV Channel: BBC Sport website & BBC iPlayer

Live Stream: Watch here

European Rowing Championships 2021 Live Stream

The BBC will bring you inclusion of the people’s world class races from Ostend, Belgium by means of the Red Button, BBC iPlayer and the BBC Sport site and application. All the activity will likewise be accessible to look for 30-days on-request after the occasion on BBC iPlayer here.

Live inclusion from Varese, Italy of the 2021 European Rowing Championships, in what vows to be an interesting regatta after the interruption of 2020 and with the Olympics just three months away. Dashing starts on Friday 9 April at 9:00 CET with warms and advances through repechages, elimination rounds and to the a-finals beginning at 9:55 CET on Sunday 11 April. The finals will be live-gushed on BBC.

European Rowing Championships 2021 Crew List

Men’s single scull (M1x)

Matthew Haywood (Club: Nottingham RC / Hometown: Nottingham)
Coach: Nicola Benavente

Men’s pair (M2-)

Harry Glenister (Leander Club / Princes Risborough)
Morgan Bolding (Oxford Brookes University /Withiel)
Coach: John Gearing

Men’s double sculls (M2x)

John Collins (Leander Club / Twickenham)
Graeme Thomas (Agecroft RC / Preston)
Coach: Dan Moore

Men’s four (M4-)

Oliver Cook (Univ. of London BC / Windsor)
Matthew Rossiter (Leander Club/ Newbury)
Rory Gibbs (Oxford Brookes University / Marlow)
Sholto Carnegie (Leander Club / Oxford)
Coach: Robin Williams

Men’s quadruple sculls (M4x)

Harry Leask (Leander Club / Edinburgh)
Angus Groom (Leander Club / Glasgow)
Thomas Barras (Leander Club / Staines)
Jack Beaumont (Leander Club / Maidenhead)
Coach: Paul Stannard

Men’s eight (M8+)

Josh Bugajski (Oxford Brookes Univ. BC / Stockport)
Jacob Dawson (Leander Club / Plymouth)
Thomas George (Leander Club / Cheltenham)
Mohamed Sbihi (Molesey BC / Surbiton)
Charles Elwes (Leander Club / Andover)
Oliver Wynne-Griffith (Leander Club / Guildford)
James Rudkin (Newcastle Univ. BC / Litchborough)
Thomas Ford (Leander Club / Holmes Chapel)
Henry Fieldman (cox) (Leander Club / London)
Coach: Steve Trapmore

Lightweight men’s double sculls (LM2x)

Jamie Copus (Oxford Brookes Univ BC / Oxford)
Samuel Mottram (Leander Club / Stoke Mandeville)
Coach: Hamish Burrell

Men’s spares

Matthew Tarrant (Oxford Brookes Univ BC / Shepperton)
Jonathan Walton (Leander Club / Leicester)
Oliver Wilkes (Oxford Brookes Univ BC / Matlock)
Women’s single scull (W1x)
Vicky Thornley (Leander Club / Wrexham)
Coach: Paul Reedy

Women’s pair (W2-)

Helen Glover (Marlow RC / Penzance)
Polly Swann (Univ. of Edinburgh & Leander Club / Edinburgh)
Coach: Hamish Burrell

Women’s double sculls (W2x)

Holly Nixon (Leander Club / Enniskillen)
Saskia Budgett (Tideway Scullers’ School / Acton)
Coach: Paul Reedy & Lauren Fisher

Women’s four (W4-)

Rowan McKellar (Leander Club / Glasgow)
Harriet Taylor (Sir William Perkins’s School BC / Sunningdale)
Karen Bennett (Leander Club / Edinburgh)
Rebecca Shorten (Imperial College BC / Belfast)

Coach: James Harris

Women’s quadruple sculls (W4x)
Mathilda Hodgkins-Byrne (Reading Univ. BC / Hereford)
Hannah Scott (Leander Club / Coleraine)
Charlotte Hodgkins-Byrne (University of London BC / Hereford)
Lucy Glover (Edinburgh Univ BC / Warrington)
Coach: Lauren Fisher

Women’s eight (W8-)

Sara Parfett (University of London BC / Rochester)
Rebecca Edwards (Leander Club / Aughnacloy)
Chloe Brew (Leander Club / Plymouth)
Emily Ford (Leander Club / Holmes Chapel)
Katherine Douglas (Leander Club / Edinburgh)
Caragh McMurtry (Southampton Coalporters ARC / Southampton)
Beccy Muzerie (Molesey BC / Fareham)
Fiona Gammond (Leander Club / Bicester)
Matilda Horn (cox) (Univ. of London BC/Windsor)
Coach: Tom Pattichis

Lightweight women’s single sculls (LW1x)

Madeleine Arlett (Edinburgh Univ. BC / Selkirk)
Coach: Darren Whiter

Lightweight women’s double sculls (LW2x)

Emily Craig (University of London BC / Mark Cross)
Imogen Grant (Cambridge Univ. Women’s BC / Cambridge)
Coach: Darren Whiter

Women’s spares

Samantha Courty (Leander Club / Alnwick)
Jess Leyden (Leander Club / Todmorden)
Annie Withers (Leander Club / Kingston)
PR1 men’s single scull (PR1 M1x)
Ben Pritchard (City of Swansea RC / Swansea)
Coach: Tom Dyson

PR2 mixed double sculls (PR2 Mix 2x)

Lauren Rowles (Worcester RC / Bromsgrove)
Laurence Whiteley (Tees RC / Northallerton)
Coach: Tom Dyson

PR3 mixed coxed four (PR3 Mix 4+)

Ellen Buttrick (Leeds RC / Leeds)
Giedre Rakauskaite (Worcester RC / Worcester)
James Fox (University of London BC/Tyrian BC / Peterborough)
Ollie Stanhope (Molesey BC / London)
Erin Kennedy (cox) (Leander Club / Wantage)
Coach: Nick Baker

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