Israel Adesanya will not send his children to school. I am sure that hired laborers are trained there and they give useless knowledge

Israel Adesanya will not send his children to school. I am sure that hired laborers are trained there and they give useless knowledge

Rebellion against the traditional education system.

Israel Adesanya is one of only two reigning UFC men’s champions to not have a wife or children. The 32-year-old Nigerian fighter is still enjoying a successful youth and leading the free life of a bachelor – trips, clubs, friendly parties flash across his social networks like a colorful kaleidoscope.

Nevertheless, the family and children are not included in his system of anti-values, on the contrary, Israel says on every occasion how much he wants a spiritual wife and procreation. With regard to children, he has even outlined a development program that is extremely radical non-standard. The fact is that Adesanya totally denies the traditional school and does not want to send children there. The main claims are that schools train hired workers, teachers work just for a check and load children with superfluous and useless knowledge in everyday life.

The Nigerian expressed his position in more detail on the YouTube channel The Diary Of A CEO:

“One of my main goals now is to start a family. I don’t want to be the kind of father who woke up in the morning, looked at the kids for 30 minutes, then went to work and they went to school. Then I spent another hour with them in the evening, tired after work. No, I don’t want that. From the age of children from 0 to 5-6, I want to be with them every day and tell them: “What are you going to do today?” And still — ***** school. I don’t understand why we are still dealing with this ***** outdated school system. Schools prepare hired laborers. Let’s not pretend ****, we all know what schools are for. They are designed to make hard workers out of children.

And *****, bro, what is X [in math]? I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me. When, ****, will I find out what X is already in my adult life?! I just ****** have no idea. A lot of useless information hit me at school. And I sucked at school because I couldn’t remember anything. In the end, I didn’t really learn anything. And schools don’t really teach you anything. They give you some kind of base, mathematics, language, but then all sorts of social science, algebra, mathematical analysis. Are you going to use this in real life? Therefore – ***** school.

My plan is this. When I have children, I will hire home teachers for them. Classes will run from 9:00 to 12:00 or 13:00. Then an hour for homework, and the rest of the day they will go through all sorts of activities. Gymnastics, jiu-jitsu. I want them to do gymnastics, to understand their body and the nature of athleticism. And through the gymnastics and BJJ sections, they will be socialized. I am not going to raise them alone, in no case should children become sociopaths, people who do not have social skills. It is better to get these skills in sections than in school.

At school, they will sit and copy from the blackboard what the teacher wrote there. Do there *****. Teachers, almost all, go to school only for a check. I remember this whole NCEA credits system … some kind of shit (knowledge certification system. – Approx. “SE” ). I’ve been getting brainwashed all year with these NCEA credits, NCEA credits, and I didn’t fucking know what it was. And when I realized, I got them, I caught up that this is a shitty system.”

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