Mel Kiper compares Alabama QB Mac Jones to Tom Brady

Mel Kiper compares Alabama QB Mac Jones to Tom Brady

Tom Brady just demonstrated by and by that he’s the GOAT of NFL quarterbacks, winning his seventh Super Bowl in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

As all other teams in the group looks for the second happening to Brady, ESPN’s Mel Kiper thinks there are similitudes between the incredible quarterback and one of the top passers in the 2021 NFL draft class, Alabama’s Mac Jones.

Per ESPN’s Mike Reiss, Kiper says Jones has some of the intangible traits that have made Brady successful over the past two-plus decades:

I would rather not say, however he sort of has a smidgen of [Tom] Brady in him. I’m not saying he’s always going to be Tom Brady. He wouldn’t be close, likely. Yet, he has that intensity, and he’s so brilliant — he got that offense [at the Senior Bowl] like it was nothing. Different quarterbacks were battling with the verbiage and — ‘blast!’ — he was in and out of the cluster faster than anyone I’ve at any point seen.

At that point he sees the field. He’s hugely precise to all levels. He doesn’t have the ‘amazing’ arm, similar to Brady didn’t either coming into the group. What’s more, similar to Brady, he’s not genuine portable, not a sprinter. In any case, awaiting chance, slipping and sliding, he did it in the title game. So there are a few likenesses there.

Kiper’s proviso is the significant part here, on the grounds that anticipating that any prospect should at any point become what Brady has is a waste of time. All things considered, some NFL chiefs make certain to experience passionate feelings for the encouraging points in Jones’ exploring report, and the way that they lead experts like Kiper to draw these sorts of examinations between the two.

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