President of AMC Fight Nights Gadzhiev named the favorites of the PRAVDA tournament

President of AMC Fight Nights Kamil Gadzhiev named the favorites of the PRAVDA tournament. REN TV will show it live on April 15th.

Vyacheslav Datsik and Saulo Cavalari will fight in the main event of the evening . The winner of this pair will advance to the final and fight the winner of the duel Vagab Vagabov – Dmitry Kudryashov, who will meet in the ring in June.

“It seems to me that the duel Datsik – Cavalari is, in a certain sense of the word, the confrontation of today’s pop MMA and martial arts in the classic format,” REN TV quotes Gadzhiev. – In this case, kickboxing. The fight will be carried out according to the rules of boxing. This equalizes the chances of Datsik, as a representative of MMA, and Cavalari, as a kickboxing representative. We can say that the guys meet on a neutral site.

Hajiyev drew attention to the strengths of the fighters. Datsik, in his opinion, is physically more developed, performs more aggressively.

“Saulo Cavalari is a more technically equipped athlete, more skillful, let’s say ,” said the president of AMC Fight Nights. – And if he builds the battle tactically correctly, then, probably, he is the favorite in this fight. Of course, all this with a caveat. What form are they in? Because Datsik showed excellent form, and in one of the recent fights he looked bad. And this applies even more to Cavalari. He was a good sportsman. And it is absolutely not clear in what form it is now. If this is the Cavalari that we once saw at kickboxing big tournaments, then he is the favorite in the fight with Datsik.

Gadzhiev also drew attention to the upcoming fight between Russian MMA fighter, AMC Fight Nights champion Dmitry Bikrev and MMA fighter Timur Nikulin.

“Even more interesting is the duel between Nikulin and Bikrev. I know the guys well , – said Hajiyev. – Dmitry is the champion of our organization, for many years one of the tops of our league. Timur performed with us not so long ago. The debut was not successful, but one must be aware that these were new rules for him. He tried himself and I’m sure he will soon return to his best version.

According to him, he watched Timur Nikulin’s boxing fight, so he can note that he has grown a lot as a boxer.

“A small favorite for me is Bikrev. Probably due to the experience that Dima has. But I can’t fail to note the fact that Dima hasn’t competed for a long time, and Timur is on a good wave, often performs, trains a lot in boxing – I can’t. Therefore, the chances are almost equal. Let Dima be the favorite precisely due to experience, ”concluded the head of AMC Fight Nights.

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