Vikings Wanted to Trade Up to Draft Justin Fields But Panthers Refused

Vikings Wanted to Trade Up to Draft Justin Fields But Panthers Refused

In this weekend’s Hot Clicks: The Vikings’ low-ball trade offer to draft Justin Fields, professional tag and more.


Four days after the Minnesota Vikings traded down in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, and later selected Kellen Mond in the third round, we found out they were targeting Justin Fields.

“As Minnesota watched Carolina and Denver pass on Fields at Nos. 8 and 9, their far off dream unexpectedly felt like it could turn into a reality,” revealed ESPN’s Courtney Cronin on May 3. “With Vikings proprietorship in the fundamental draft room, front-office staff worked the telephones and attempted to see where they may need to climb to land Fields.”

Ends up, the Vikings’ fantasy included the Panthers’ No. 8 pick, which they endeavored to obtain yet a low-ball offer was immediately dismissed:

Minnesota will be seeing a ton of Fields pushing ahead as the previous Ohio State quarterback was drafted by the Chicago Bears at No. 11.

World Chase Tag

I stumbled across professional tag this morning. And it’s unbelievably entertaining.

World Chase Tag was founded by two brothers, Christian and Damien Devaux, in 2011, and has since grown into an international championship with media deals, including NBC Sports. It’s basically parkour on steroids:

The principles are basic: In a 12-square-meter (130 square feet) quad, one player pursues and one player sidesteps for as long as 20 seconds. The victor acquires a point for their group and stays in the quad as the dodger. The losing player is fill in for a partner who pursues. Groups comprise of five players, and the crew with the most focuses after 16 rounds is the victor.

Doink Points

The NFL ought to consider “fresh” plans to score more focuses, Sports Illustrated’s Conor Orr contended in a new article. Furthermore, by score more focuses, he implies better approaches to score more focuses.

“The arrangement doesn’t need to be ‘doink focuses,’ however [for when a kicker hits the post or crossbar on a made field objective or PAT]. Perhaps a group could get an additional point for a non-quarterback tossing a score pass. Perhaps a group could get additional focuses for the separation from which it scores.

“Possibly field objectives could be scored in levels, and, if the goal lines limited, could give an expanded number of focuses dependent on the separation from which a specific kick is booted. Perhaps two-point transformations could be granted on a make-it-take-it premise. You score two focuses, you will arrange and do it once more. We previously saw adaptation 2.0 of the XFL offer one-, two-and three-point transformations, with groups picking where to arrange.”

Truly, I scorn the possibility of doink focuses, distance motivators on scores or three-point transformations. Notwithstanding, there’s no denying we’ve arrived at a state of diversion eagerness where classes are pushing the limits on modifying their game for really scoring.

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