Wolff: Mercedes won’t play ‘musical chairs’ with Bottas and Russell in 2021

Wolff: Mercedes won’t play ‘musical chairs’ with Bottas and Russell in 2021

Also, on Friday his manager supported up that articulation, saying the Silver Arrows have no expectation of trading out the Finn during the 2021 mission.

In the wake of watching Bottas finish P1 and P2 separately in Friday’s two practice meetings in Barcelona, Mercedes group head Toto Wolff had his say on reports in certain media that Williams driver (and Mercedes protege) George Russell could take the Finn’s seat before the year is out.

Inquired as to whether Bottas would arrange close by Lewis Hamilton for the entire of the 2021 season, Wolff said: “No doubt, totally, except if he gets influenza and can’t drive he will be around there.

“I consider no to be to change as these folks over yonder [gesturing to Red Bull] like to play, how would you say with the seats? A game of seat juggling. So no, no change anticipated.”

Bottas and Russell were briefly team mates last year, when Lewis Hamilton missed a race through illness.

On Thursday, Bottas had implied Red Bull being the solitary group to trade drivers mid-season, given they’ve done it twice in the previous six years.

Gotten some information about whether there was a philosophical distinction between the two groups in regards to how they handle drivers, Wolff utilized a strange similarity: “In case you’re not content with your better half and you begin to search for different ones it won’t improve the relationship,” he said.

“I attempt to chip away at the relationship with my driver and accomplish the best outcome for him before I’m beginning to play with another person.”

Bottas has driven for Mercedes since 2017, scoring nine successes, 17 shafts and 49 platform for the group, just as assisting them with winning four of their seven-straight constuctors’ titles. News Sources : formula1.com

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