Apple says iPhone cameras can be hurt by motorcycle vibrations

Apple says iPhone cameras can be hurt by motorcycle vibrations

If you’ve been rockin’ down the highway with your iPhone mounted on your motorcycle, you might want to think again. On Friday, Apple said certain motorcycle engines can give your iPhone’s camera bad vibes.

“Exposing your iPhone to high amplitude vibrations within certain frequency ranges, specifically those generated by high-power motorcycle engines, can degrade the performance of the camera system,” the company said in a post on its support site.

The energies are diverted through the case and handlebars, so you shouldn’t connect your telephone to bikes with high-force or high-volume motors, the organization said. It said mopeds and bikes, which will in general have little volume or electric motors, are to a lesser degree a worry yet that you should utilize a vibration hosing mount and “keep away from customary use for delayed periods.”

The issue has to do with cutting edge whirligig and magnet-based camera frameworks intended to make up for unsteady shots. Such frameworks, as optical picture adjustment and shut circle self-adjust, make programmed changes on the off chance that you coincidentally move while snapping a photo.

“The OIS and shut circle AF frameworks in iPhone are intended for solidness,” Apple said. Yet, “long haul direct openness to high-adequacy vibrations … may debase the presentation of these frameworks and lead to decreased picture quality for photographs and recordings.”

For details on which iPhone models feature these camera systems, you can check out Apple’s post. For the latest iPhone news, take a look at all the rumors tied to Apple’s upcoming, Sept. 14 event. And here’s our discussion of the big shoes Apple’s next iPhone has to fill.

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