BMW “OS7”, the largest wireless upgrade ever! In-vehicle Amazon “Alexa”

BMW “OS7”, the largest wireless upgrade ever! In-vehicle Amazon “Alexa”

BMW Group announced on February 22 that it has started a wireless upgrade to the latest version of “BMW Operating System 7”, “Version 11/20”.

More than 20 BMW brand models and more than 1 million vehicles worldwide will receive wireless software updates this time around. It will be the largest wireless upgrade in history for a European car maker. Customers will receive push notifications in the “BMW App” on their car or smartphone as soon as vehicle upgrades are available.

◆ Controlling smart home devices from inside the car One

of the highlights of the latest software version is the in-vehicle installation of Amazon’s voice assistant “Alexa,” which supports five languages. With Alexa in-vehicle, users can now use Amazon’s voice assistant in the car in the same way they do at home. As a result, it will be easier to edit shopping lists, access the latest news, and play music. In addition, users can now control their smart home devices from inside the car.

By scanning the QR code with the “My BMW App” downloaded to your smartphone, you can now quickly and easily transfer your personal “BMW Driver Profile” to other BMW cars, including rental cars. Air conditioning control and navigation settings are automatically imported into the vehicle along with the driver’s favorites. Personal settings such as seat position, door mirrors, and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) settings can also be saved in the profile. If the customer has linked his profile to the vehicle key, that setting will be applied when the vehicle door is unlocked.

◆ “BMW M lap timer” to help improve driving skills on the circuit

The “BMW M Lap Timer” pursues greater driving pleasure on the circuit by using data collected from vehicle sensors such as accelerator opening, engine speed, and G-. Lap times, driving times and mileage can be displayed at any time during the trip, allowing customers to improve performance on the circuit. At the end of the session, all data from the BMW M lap timer will be compiled into a user-friendly format for free analysis.

In addition, the latest upgrade of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant allows you to enjoy the sound of BMW M models. It answers questions such as “What kind of sound does the high BMW, BMW M8 make?”

Active navigation will be provided as a steering extension and will be available to lane management assistants to assist in safe and timely lane changes. We suggest that you change lanes whenever you need to follow the calculated route. If a traffic jam is detected, active navigation prompts the driver to change lanes after the traffic jam is cleared.

◆ You can now easily sync images and profiles with the My BMW app

Personalized profile images can now be added to a user’s driver profile. The My BMW app makes it easy to sync images and profiles.

All associations with the MyBMW app and “BMW ID” are cleared when the customer resets the vehicle to factory settings so that the customer can remove the link between personal data and the MyBMW app when selling the vehicle. It became so. The remote software upgrade also updates the vehicle owner’s manual with the latest information.

Since 2018, BMW Operating System 7 and the Remote Software Upgrade feature have helped BMW drivers to keep their vehicles up to date by providing them with the latest software in a quick and easy way. New features can be easily imported into the vehicle wirelessly. The installation file is provided on the vehicle in the background. Even a major update will rarely take more than 20 minutes to install.

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