It’s Apparently Possible to Drill a Key Ring Hole Into Apple’s AirTags Without Messing Them Up

It’s Apparently Possible to Drill a Key Ring Hole Into Apple’s AirTags Without Messing Them Up

One of the primary things that leaped out to me when I saw Apple’s hotly anticipated AirTags was their surface, which helps me to remember a goliath, cleaned M&M. Like genuine M&Ms, AirTags don’t have any openings, which implies that you need to purchase AirTag assistants to snare the gadget to your keys or balance it on your satchel. Nonetheless, despite the fact that Apple did exclude a key ring opening in the AirTags, you can obviously make one yourself without wrecking them to an extreme.

In their teardown of the AirTag distributed on Saturday, the people over at iFixit chose to test whether it was feasible to penetrate a key ring opening into the gadget, an honorable help for the individuals who would prefer not to dish out the additional money for extras and will face the challenge of obliterating the thing. In the event that this seems like you, you’ll need a 1/16″ boring apparatus, as per iFixit.

Prior to employing your drill, the main thing you need to do is eliminate the battery. The critical lies in finding and effectively boring through one of the three scores, which you can see obviously over at iFixit, in the AirTag’s circuit board and radio wire safeguard. The scores are made for the clasps that hold the AirTag together. (Keep in mind, in spite of the fact that AirTag batteries last over a year without charging, they can be supplanted by pulling off the rear of the gadget).

iFixit takes note of that the area of the indents “generally” compares to that of the clasps for the metal battery cover, which implies they can fill in as a guide. Presently, you need to bore through the score, not through the actual clasp. Yet, should you have misfortune, doing this purportedly will not slaughter your AirTag.

For the situation that you are effective (and we trust that you are, on the grounds that who needs to discard cash), iFixit states that the AirTag should work “as though nothing occurred.” The gadget’s speaker, which it uses to transmit tolls to help you discover it on the off chance that you lose it or illuminate others that there’s a lost AirTag close by, was not really influenced.

There is a cost to pay for saving a couple of bucks, however. iFixit states that in the event that you drill an opening in your AirTag, you shouldn’t anticipate that it should stay waterproof and residue safe. In the mean time, MacRumors brings up that this will without a doubt void Apple’s guarantee.

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