Real-Life Hoverboard Seen Zipping Through Streets, Retails for $20k

Real-Life Hoverboard Seen Zipping Through Streets, Retails for $20k

Is that … McFly??? It sure appears as though it … since here’s a person that is flying around some city roads on a God-darn hoverboard … what’s more, no, this is anything but a phony out.

Look at this video that shows a man in a protective cap in a real sense flying through the air close to ground level along what gives off an impression of being a metropolitan region … complete with stoplights, apartment complexes, cafés and even vehicles that are zooming by a contrary way.

It may look like something straight out of ‘Back to the Future’ … however, it ain’t – this is by all accounts the genuine article. How we realize that is on the grounds that somebody connected to the organization that makes this advanced wonder of innovation … selling for upwards of $20k.

The organization is called Omni Hoverboards – and they promote themselves as the makers of the world’s first genuine electrical hoverboard … like the ones you may find in the films. It would appear that they began on this undertaking back in 2015 and have been carrying out various models from that point onward … furthermore, getting flight/doing exhibits en route around the world.

With respect to the video up top … it’s muddled where that was shot, yet it appears to be Omni’s been wandering nearer inland throughout the years subsequent to doing dry runs out in the wild.

There’s not a firm sticker price on this thing right now, and it’s not even accessible to the public presently. Specialists say it could retail between $10k-$20k … also, to the extent a dispatch date, appears as though they’re close. We’ll perceive what Uncle Sam needs to say about that, however.

Regardless, the way to the future seems, by all accounts, to be clearing its way presently. Furthermore, as Doc Brown once said … “where we’re going, we needn’t bother with streets.” Turns out … he was correct!

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