Tesla is selling a microphone for in-car karaoke, but only in China

Tesla is selling a microphone for in-car karaoke, but only in China

Tesla is selling another embellishment: an amplifier for in-vehicle karaoke. The TeslaMic is just accessible in China for now. The organization presented it in the midst of the rollout of a Chinese New Year programming update, which adds a karaoke stage called Leishi KTV to infotainment frameworks.

The mouthpiece naturally combines with the infotainment framework, as per Tesla. The TeslaMic arrives in a pack of two, so it could prove to be useful assuming you at any point want to stop some place with a date and belting out certain two part harmonies. The pack costs around $188 yet the Tesla store page is neglecting to stack for some future singers.

A Weibo post (which has been reflected onto YouTube) shows the TeslaMic and karaoke framework in real life. As Elektrek notes, by taking on the Leishi KTV point of interaction and index, Tesla is expanding on a “Caraoke” highlight it presented in 2019, which had a more restricted determination of tracks.

It is not yet clear whether Tesla will sell the TeslaMic outside of China, however perhaps you’ll have the option to get it with Dogecoin in the event that it at any point comes to the US. Meanwhile, there’s an authority Carpool Karaoke mouthpiece that you can associate with your vehicle’s sound framework (however you’ll have to give your own support tracks and a presentation with verses).

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