Uber offers to pay for drivers’ health insurance, and then yanks it away

Uber offers to pay for drivers’ health insurance, and then yanks it away

Uber erroneously conveyed an email to a portion of its drivers and conveyance laborers last month offering to cover a portion of their medical coverage costs — just to deny the offer fourteen days after the fact.

On May 26th, an email from Uber with the captivating headline “It’s an incredible opportunity to get wellbeing inclusion” showed up in the inbox of an unknown number of the organization’s drivers and conveyance laborers. At the point when they opened the email, they were welcomed by a significantly really appealing suggestion: “Uber can help cover your medical care costs.”

Drivers and dispatches for Uber are named self employed entities, making them ineligible for boss supported health care coverage plans. For quite a long time, large numbers of these laborers have campaigned for additional advantages and insurances, just to confront awful resistance from Uber. “Uber can help cover your medical services costs”

So one can just envision the stun from drivers who opened this email and saw a proposal for sponsorships going from $613.77 to $1,277.54, contingent upon the sort of protection plan they had and the measure of hours they worked every week. That sort of cash could be groundbreaking for drivers, a significant number of whom stay alive on neediness level wages and are battling to look for some kind of employment in the midst of a precarious drop popular during the pandemic. What could represent this extreme change in position by Uber?

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