Volvo develops next-generation infotainment! To establish a new joint venture

Volvo Cars announced on March 23 that it will establish a new joint venture to develop the next generation of infotainment systems.

The joint venture will be co-founded with technology company ECARX. ECARX is expanding its business on a global scale, including entering Europe in December 2020. In China, it is developing Google’s “Android” -based infotainment system for brands such as Volvo Cars’ parent company Geely Automobile.

Volvo Cars has been working with Google since 2017 to develop the “Android Automotive” operating system. In 2020, Volvo Cars and Polestar installed an infotainment system in commercial vehicles based on the Android Automotive operating system with Google’s apps and services. It is said to have become the first car maker to introduce the Android Automotive operating system.

Through the new joint venture, Volvo Cars and ECARX will develop next-generation infotainment systems. Volvo Cars plans to incorporate its own user interface into the next-generation infotainment system developed by the joint venture and install it in Volvo Cars and Polestar vehicles.

The joint venture will also enable Volvo Cars, ECARX and the Geely Group to accelerate technology development, improve cost efficiency and generate new revenue streams. The joint venture is scheduled to start operations in the third quarter of 2021 (July-September).

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