WatchOS 8 app ‘leaks’ hint at a more independent Apple Watch

WatchOS 8 app ‘leaks’ hint at a more independent Apple Watch

The Apple Watch probably won’t be so intently attached to your iPhone after WWDC. MacRumors reports that designer Khaos Tian has found App Store profile information referring to unannounced Watch-local variants of the Contacts and Tips applications found on other Apple gadgets. While there isn’t a lot to see past the names, this recommends watchOS 8 may offer more freedom — you could deal with your contact list or get Apple Watch interface help exclusively from your wrist.

The profile information additionally makes a reference to a “Brain” application that isn’t accessible on any Apple equipment. It’s not satisfactory what this may be, despite the fact that Apple’s emphasis on wellbeing recommends it very well may be a psychological wellness or care application. Bloomberg sources as of late guaranteed the Apple Watch would get “wellbeing following” upgrades in watchOS 8, however didn’t intricate.

It wouldn’t be stunning for Apple to press for more prominent Watch freedom with watchOS 8. The organization moved toward that with watchOS 7’s Family Setup, where children can utilize an Apple Watch connected to a parent’s iPhone. We wouldn’t rely on complete freedom in this new programming (in the event that it at any point occurs), yet it may help you leave your handset at home more regularly.

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